FNB Temporary Loan


The FNB Temporary Loan is available immediately and there are no forms to complete, it is suitable for instant cash needs and it a convenient and easy to take up short term loan, which is repayable within 31 days after you take it up. The agreed loan amount is credited to your FNB Personal Cheque Account or Smart Account, instantly should you qualify

To see if you qualify for a FNB Temporary Loan:

Visit your nearest FNB ATM
Check via Online Banking
Check via Cellphone Banking (if you are a registered user)
Call us on 086 127 6937 or
Visit your nearest FNB branch

FNB Temporary Loan Contact details:

Call us on 086 127 6937.

FNB Temporary Loan
FNB Personal Loans - Temporary Loans - FNB

15 Comments on FNB Temporary Loan

  1. i took out a temporary loan last month and i paid on time, but now i can’t get it because it says it is not available and i do not qualify

  2. Why make this facility available to me for 3 months and then remove it with no notification or reason?

    Attempts to contact your ticket system info@fnb have failed miserably as well. I have a personal loan with fnb, I just converted to a check account, I want to get vehicle finance as well, but your service levels and response times are not satisfactory. Please have the decency to advise your loyal customers.

    A once happy fnb subscriber.

  3. Good Day, I took out a temporary loan the previous month and paid on time, now i can’t get it because it says it is not available.

  4. an fnb consultant is busy harrassing me claiming dt i took up a temporary loan i even got a cellphne text saying i owe fnb 1600 nd smthn i hv nt taken such a loan evn my bsnk statement prooves i hv not got dt amount in my account pls look into dt matter

  5. hi i used to get temp loans but all of a sudden i dont qualify pse i like to know pse why i hve not paid my rent f 4 months

  6. This month I got a message from FNB saying I could qualify for up to 5000 temporary loan but when I go through my cellphone to atlist ask for 1500 temp loan I was only qualifying for 1000 so why was that so??????

  7. I used to get temp loan n always paid in time, now it say this sevice is nt available, must i go to d branch cz i dont wnt to end up going to other loan companies whreas i have a bank

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