Land Bank Loans product and services

Land Bank Loans
Land Bank Loans

The Land Bank is the South African finance institute that provides loans and finance to farmers equally they offer short term, long term, medium, deposits, guarantees, establishment loans ect and even when you are blacklisted you are welcomed they can assist you and their interest rates are fixed with flexible repayment periods and their services are up to standard to apply is quick if you have the supporting document it takes 4 to 6 weeks to be approved.

Ways to apply

To apply you need to visit your nearest branch with your supporting documents like:
1.clear credit record
2.Be a South African
3.Have enough security to repay the loan

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What does the Land Bank Loans offer

The Land Bank offers loans the short term loan, medium loan, long term loan with the competitive interest rates and easy application that took 4 to 6 weeks and creating jobs for individuals in the community and serving farmers equally the Land Bank Loan is the best.

Contact details

Call:0800 00 52 59 or

Land Bank Loans
Land Bank Loans

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