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Dot Loans is a financial institution that offers a variety of personal and short-term loans to the south African community.


Dot Loans celebrates the success of financial freedom by ethically providing relevant, responsible funding. They are guided by its code of practice that entails it to apply transparency and accountability. We are the provision of financial services. The company goes a long way to reach all corners of the country in providing financially valuable products.

Dot Loans holds the responsibility in preventing excessive lending and borrowing from our customers, making sure that we leave the boundary and room to facilitate financial inclusion. The quick loans we offer are operated transparently and securely. Our clients can be assured that their information is in good hands as we keep it confidential, that is between the client and us.

The loans are all evident in the way we operate, and one can be able to calculate interests, charges, and installments without requiring our assistance. Thus we are the ultimate transparent lender.

Our company works to preserve the market in which we operate, and Dot Loans success is measured by the long-term impact we trigger within our clientele. This is why we offer loans for bad credit to customers who previously defaulted loans to give them a second chance to work on their credit record.

We make it easier for everyone who needs loan finance to access it without going through hustles.

Little Known Ways

When it comes to personal borrowing from financial institutions and registered lenders, there is more than just lending that takes place. There is a stage where the clients’ identification and loan repayment trends are all submitted to credit bureaus. These are financial institutions that specialize in credit analysis and record keeping of financial information.

Credit bureaus match your identity with your credit profile. They check how much you borrowed and how much you repaid and also in what way. They form what is called credit rating. The credit rating is the numerical representation of one’s credit profile, it ranges from 0 to 999 . Also, with a good credit occupying the upper part starting from 570, and bad credit taking the lower.

Credit scores are used by almost all financial institutions and lenders in South Africa, and they form the basis of the client assessment and evaluation.

That is aiding on whether one should be granted credit and how much should they be granted. People with good credit (points above 570) will have better prospects of getting a loan, and inversely those with bad credit (scores below 570) will have a slim chance.

Thus, credit scores are the most rated client evaluation procedure by most modern-day lenders. This should not mean that one has to be sidelined from accessing financial services, and so came the existence of loans for bad credit.

Want More Money?

Loans for bad credit are financial credit extended to individual borrowers in a short-term period. Usually, with small amounts as a way of allowing the client to rejuvenate their credit standing.

Loans for bad credit are also recorded and submitted to the relevant credit bureaus. The amounts and the short period they are issued for also makes it relatively simple to complete repayments without defaulting. loans for bad credit change your status for the good.

With us, bad credit record is not an intentional move by borrowers; it usually catches people unaware and drags to be an uncontrollable mistake. At Dot loans, we try to empathize and help you out of the bad credit with our easy loans.

Our loans for bad credit are offered in similar amounts to our short-term loans, and they range from R500 to R8 000 in amounts repayable over Six months.


Dot Loans offers loans for bad credit applied the same way with short term loans. The application process is a quick exercise that is done through our website in the comfort of your home.

One will commence by filling in their personal and financial information before submitting the relevant documents. The application will need one to read and understand our terms and condition before applying. The fast loan will then be disbursed within few hours provided that the application went in successfully.

Loan requirements for loans for bad credit are similar to those with our short-term loans, and this is basically because loans for bad credit are offered as short-term loans to allow rejuvenation of previously blacklisted clients. Our prospective clients will expect to meet the following, and they will be useful for an application


  • South African Citizen above 18 years
  • Employed earning a regular income that is monthly transferred through the banks
  • Have relevant documents to prove the above-mentioned conditions


The loan for bad credit will be repaid with monthly installments made via the bank account provided by the applicant. The installments will offset three elements of our loans, starting from the principal amount borrowed, interest rates and administration fees.

With no additional charges and penalties our companies offer loans for bad credit to the clients so as to allow them to reform and give a positive image to their credit rating.

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