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Easy Cash Finance Loans, affectionately known as EC Finance loans, is a registered South African lender, which specializes in extending personal loans to the South African community.

About – EC Finance

EC Finance offers safe and affordable financial services in a bid to uplift the communities through financial inclusion.  Our operations realistically crafted to provide ethical and legitimate financial solutions to the domestic market.

Over our experiences, in providing personal loans, we have been working in line with our operational code of ethics. We are guided by our standards for responsible, lending, fairness, and flexibility.  We always make sure that we extend commensurate credit to relevant clients at the right time. Also, this helps us to preserve our clients as we work to provide financial solutions with no burden of being over-indebted.

We do understand the impact of over lending to both the clients and the lenders themselves.

EC Finance also works with flexible loans to clients, depending on how much they need and are able and willing to abide by loan covenants.  We offer individual loans to all the corners of the country. With various amounts that extent to R120 000 depending on the outcome of our assessment.  

Our fast loans are available to people with excellent credit ratings and also those with bad credit ratings.

The Philosophy 

In modern financial practice, lenders heavily base the success and failure of the loan evaluation process by the credit scores obtained from the credit rating institutions (credit bureaus).

These institutions record, analyze, and keep financial information relating to all the loans one acquired and the payments made, marking all defaults and unfinished loans on your profile.

The credit rating process is the application of numbers to your performance in paying loans and credit cards. The better or faster your loans are paid for, the higher the credit scores one gets, and so for slower repayments, it is vice versa.

Bad credit and excellent credit scores are differentiated by the halfway mark of the maximum credit scores obtainable. On every loan or credit card, scores are pegged at a maximum of 999, and most financial institutions will regard any scores below 570 as bad credit. 

It is a common scenario for prospective loan applicants with bad credit ratings face a tough situation in obtaining financial credit, as most institutions sideline them. EC Finance is always pushing for financial inclusion, and we engage in helping people to access the proper credit they want.  

We capture all the clients, those with bad credit and those with good ones. With our widely spaced agencies and partners, our loans reach out to many people, thus why we have been outstanding in providing the services.

How to Improve?

At EC Finance we have no discretion for people with a good credit rating or bad credit rating.  Our short-term personal loans are also loans for bad credit as we do not place much emphasis on the borrowing history of the client.

We believe in giving second chances to our clients, knowing that everyone deserves the opportunity to reform our loans. It,s made available to cater for all people, including those with bad credit. We put much emphasis on our client evaluation that we perform based on the information and documentation submitted. Also, during the application process, with us, if you start well and end right.

You can be sure of changing your credit rating for good.

EC loans Finance offers loans for bad credit as a way to allow clients to improve their bad credit rating for good.

Our loans for bad credit are given over six months, with amounts that reach R8 000, depending on the client’s requirements and capabilities.  Loans for bad credit are short term loans that show our determination to help our clients to have a good credit record.

At EC finance, we have one of the highest approval ratios on our loans for bad credit, the more significant percentage of applicants who apply correctly with us manage to secure a loan. This shows how our company is a bit lenient when it comes to accessing a loan. Therefore, one should expect to fall within the following categories.


  • At least be 18 years on the date of application.
  • Be employed or have a regular income that flows through a South African bank.

Application process

Our loans for bad credit take three short stages to obtain them, the 1st stage is one make an application online.

  • The application can be done online on our website or through one of our agencies that also do evaluation on our behalf.
  • The process will then go to the approval stage, his is when clients are told whether they were successful of the application failed, in some cases the applied amounts are reduced to match your ability based on the information we have. The success of your application is determined by a number of factors from income, banking history, amount applied for and to a lesser extent the credit history.
  • The last stage is when we disburse the loan to the successful applicants.  Our team will basically contact you to make financial verifications and inform the client again of the terms and conditions.
    The money will then be deposited into the bank account provided at the application stage, that’s it that simple with EC Finance you can obtain your loan with bad credit.

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