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Easy cash loans brings financial services to the South African community in a simple, cheap and safe way.

About – EC Loans

EC Loans is determined to serving the community through sustainable finance, giving much power to the people in need to improve their living standards. We work with the people in mind, that is why our services are tailor made to suit your various needs. Providing the best financial solution is our calling, that’s why we stand out to be the best.

Our financial solutions are sustainable in a way that we lend to the community at the same time, preserving their future for the best. Over the years, we have learned that irresponsible lending harms the emotional and mental stability of clients.

This happens as loan clients are given large amounts that sometimes require large installments to be deducted on a salary that is already insufficient to the clients living standards.  The loan will bring emotional tension and stress to the client who sometimes will ultimately fail to repay the loan in full.

This will result in a default, which will tarnish the client’s name, giving them a bad credit record. Sometimes it doesn’t only end with a bad credit record as some lenders might take the litigation way to recover their funds. This will further drain the client’s wealth that they have worked for most of their lives.

For every disbursement we make, our company seeks to make it sustainable. This means we only give you the loan that is manageable considering your income, expenses, and your needs. Also, this helps us to draw a boundary line between the ability and willingness to abide by the loan conditions.  

EC loans are there to help you out with improving your living standards and credit scores for your future applications. Our company works with credit bureaus for the effective record keeping of information relating to credit scores. This is why we deal with a pool of clients ranging from those with positive and bad credit ratings.

How To Take The Headache Out

Bad credit is the term used to describe a negative credit rating as supplied by credit bureaus.  It is an indicator of risk and a high probability of default on a client basing on the history of loans and credit cards.  

Bad credit history distracts major lenders from providing financial services with a client. But if we look at how it comes to be, bad credit is a combination of history,  mistakes and over lending from irresponsible lenders who sometimes use force to prey on clients.

Every loan that is obtained from financial institutions is submitted for credit review to credit bureaus. That means all information relating to disbursement and repayments will be kept for about ten years.

The loan performance will be allotted with points, where one can attain between 1 to 999 points. That means the better the performance, the higher the credit scores. The 570 marks define the difference between bad credit and proper credit. `this is where those below the target will be bad credit rating and the top part will represent good credit rating.

The lenders of the 21st century put more weight on credit rating as part of their client evaluation process. That is obtaining a loan will not be easy for an individual who once defaulted or failed to create their loans in time.

This means people with a bad credit history will face a notorious problem as they’re excluded from their right to financial services. As EC loans we are mandated to foster for financial inclusion. That means bringing all financial services to all the people, including those with bad credit and making sure that we turn that bad credit into good credit.

The Truth ABOUT LOANS for bad credit

At EC Loans, we offer loans for bad credit to our clients to enable them to rejuvenate and align themselves with the excellent credit system.

We have recognized that most of the people who end up with bad credit records are caught off guard; in most cases, it is an accident or situation beyond their control. These people will do their best in putting efforts to put up a good credit record. This is why our company affords them a chance to improve their living standards and rebuild the correct credit record.

At EC loans, our loans for bad credit are offered to clients who are not under sequestration. If its a short term loans or a personal loan that ranges from R500 to R8 000 and if it’s repayable over a maximum period of six months.

These loans also pass through the credit bureaus,  which means one can afford a short term loan that will improve their credit scores.

Our loans for bad credit are applied and administered in the same way with our short term and personal loans. They are not marked or classified as bad credit sections, but what defines them from other loans offered.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

At EC loans, we strive to ease your way to obtaining ethical funding. Our loan requirements strike the point between the minimum legal requirements and sufficient information required to conduct the assessment.

Our loans are relatively easier to obtain when one compares our requirements with other institutions at par. Below are the conditions we one needs to be able to make our applications.  

An applicant Should not be under sequestration. Be a South African citizen. Be aged at least 18 years at the time of making an application. Have a working South African bank account. Be employed or earn a regular income that is deposited through the bank account.


The application for our loans for bad credit takes place solely through the application portal that is accessed from our website.  The application requires one to fill in their personal and financial information before proceeding to the submission of the documents.  

The process ends with our terms and conditions where one is expected to read, understand, and sign to submit the whole application.

As soon as the loan application is finished, our team of credit analysts will start working on it, and within a few hours, a conclusion would be available.  

When the loan application is successful, the or team will contact you before the money is transferred to your bank account. In this short exercise, you will have a loan for bad credit with no hustle and expect to make up on your credit scores.


Our loans, whether you have bad credit or not, are repaid in the same way. As soon as one obtains the loan, the value of the loan will change and include interest rates and a one-time administration fee.

The repayments will be in equal monthly installments that will last when the loan value is 0.

For quick loans that have durations less than a month, the repayment will be a one-time debit order transfer that offset the whole loan amount.

Our company has an accurate determination to improve your life as far as financial services and loans for bad credit are considered. Our engagement with our clients tries to bring the ultimate benefit to both the client and the lender.

Our loans are dished out responsibly and ethically, which allows us to preserve the clientele at the same time changing their bad credit rating for good. When it comes to caring for our clients, our success is measured by the value of our financial products.

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