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EZI Finance loans is a modern financial institution that specializes in personal loans from short term to long term for the South African community.

About – Ezi Finance

Ezi Finance works with a large number of agents that market and facilitate the application process of our loans, all over the country. This helps us to provide more comprehensive coverage bringing us to the success in making financial inclusion goals. Free of charge, we offer loans that help you improve your living standard. Also, at the same time positively improving your living credit rating, our company boasts as the champion of financial inclusion.

Our company offers financially safe, sufficient, and reliable services as all our client’s information is kept confidential and protected from identity theft. Due to the influx of identity theft by inconsiderate people, They intend to use our client’s data for corrupt practices. Ezi Finance has worked so hard to make sure that none of our clientele will fall victim to such a challenge.

Ezi Loans also offers loans consolidation for those who might find themselves in situations where they hold more than two loans. This adds up to our commitment to cover clients with a low or bad credit rating in our effort to foster for financial inclusion.

Want To Step Up

Almost all modern-day financial institutions work with at least one credit bureau, where the client’s information regarding their performance on loans is submitted for credit rating.

Bad credit is the term used to describe a negative or low credit rating. Bad credit is a direct result of one failing to honor their financial obligations, which is defaulting a loan from a financial institution or delaying payment on a credit card.

It is a common notion that bad credit record will make it difficult for an individual to obtain an individual loan. In the future, lenders will associate you with loan defaulting and failure to abide by loan covenants.

This might be true, but in some cases, there is a reason behind the bad credit that one might have. That means treating everyone with a bad credit record will somehow be an unfair practice financial institutions based on denying the people access to financial services. Also, it is a direct opposite to the principle of financial inclusion.

Quick and Easy Fix For Your BAD CREDIT

Loans for bad credit represent the ultimate commitment by financial institutions to attain financial inclusion goals at the same time positively impacting communities. At Ezi Finance, we offer financial credit to all South African citizens, whether you have a bad credit history, old aged or in rural areas.

These are the sections that improve our business acumen and help our name gain stronger bondage with our clientele.

Ezi Finance offers short-term loans to clients with bad credit history. We are allowing them to cover their immediate financial needs at the same time, making the right name out of the same. Our quick loans are structured the same as those attained by the people with good credit ratings. The divergence comes in loan amounts and the requirement to disclose if there are still payments pending.

Where pending loans exist, we provide loan consolidations. This is where we source you the funding that you can use to pay another loan at an amount that you will manage.

Our loans for bad credit are also recorded through credit bureaus. This one will have the opportunity to improve their credit rating over a short period. The easy access to loans for bad credit is available to amounts that range from R100 to R8 000. That will need to last for a maximum period of six months at very low-interest rates that fall below 36% annually.

Credit Scores with bad credit.

At Ezi Finance, we try to help you mitigate the impact of your current credit score at the same time working to improve it to ease up your loan applications in the future. In some situations, bad credit happens due to accidents or even mistakes that take place on data capturing on by staff who record your repayments.

This is why we treat each case on its own and open up access to financial services to everyone, whether bad credit or good credit record.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

Application process for people with bad credit

Our loans for bad credit are relatively easy to access, we offer our potential clients a rare opportunity with few requirements over an easy application. That means with Ezi Finance your financial needs are taken care of in an instant. The following steps will need to be taken for one to get a loan for bad credit.

  • CRITERIA CHECK is the first step that our prospective clients should familiarize themselves with. Our loans are given to South Africans with regular income that is received through a South African bank, the applicant should be above 18 years and not be under sequestration
  • APPLICATION, after passing the criteria one will need to do a short online application where they will be required to submit their personal and financially related information together with relevant documentation. One will only need to wait a few moments before one of our consultants will contact with a loan offer. Upon agreeing the offer then the funds will be deposited in one’s bank account.

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