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Fin Hound provides financial services to the public through its perennial cooperation with major financial institutions that loan safe, secure and reliable credit.

About – Finhound

With many years of experience in providing guidance and financial researched in the lending business, we have gained valuable expertise in the needs and relevant solutions. Also, when it comes to loans and credit solutions.

With our partners, we provide easy loans responsibly and safely. We seek to safeguard the needs of our clients drawing boundaries for them mainly so that they don’t fall victim to unscrupulous lenders that operate in the wrong way.

Fin Hound has crafted your way to the reliable personal loan, our long list of partners are registered, accredited financial institutions. We operate within the relevant codes of financial practices at the same time, aligning operations to credit bureaus. Our mandate lies in linking people with real financial needs to the right providers, making sure that our clients understand the importance of borrowing from the right people.

All this, we do it for free, showing our desire to facilitate the idea of financial inclusion from microcredit.

Fin Hound brings financial services to all the people from those with credit rating to the elderly pensioners. We offer you access to short-term, long term personal finance, vehicle loans, and business finance, making our coverage much wider. We strive to foster financial inclusion in the South African market.

can i get a loan with bad credit?

The existence of credit bureaus in new financial services brought the concept of credit rating. Credit rating is the exercise of allocating a numerical value to the loan performance, in simple how one pays their loans.

That means to keep records of all installments or payments made, all installments that were skipped and early repayments.  These details will form a basis for credit rating where a client will be rated with points out of 999. Those who will fail to reach 570 will be classified as bad credit holders, and those above 570 will have a good credit rating.

When it comes to making loan applications, lenders perform client assessments together with credit rating and those with bad credit ratings will face a challenge in souring loans. That’s people with a bad credit rating will have more complications in curbing small financial needs, be it accidents, car breaks, and other emergencies.  

But does having a bad credit history justify the reason to be sidelined by lenders? Sometimes yes, but sometimes it’s not a direct result of our intentions, it’s something beyond our control.

Loans for bad credit?

Fin Hound empathize with people with bad credit record and works hard to mitigate the difficulties they face. Our company has done valuable researches and made a coalition with companies and financial institutions that offer credit to people who have a bad credit rating. Also, forming what is known as loans for bad credit.

Loans for bad credit are short term credit offered by registered lenders to prospective clients with low credit rating. These institutions will do a credit check, but the good thing is, they do not place much emphasis on credit rating. Their credit assessment overrules the more significant part of the process.

Our partners understand the need for one to be granted a second chance to, have their loan over a short period to improve their credit rating.

Loans for credit rating are treated as standard loans except that they require not much of credit scores. Loans for bad credit are also recorded and kept as records with credit bureaus, and this is why they’re able to give a positive impact to your credit rating.

Loans for bad credit will not have you scratch your head thinking much about how much you have to submit to increase your chances of obtaining a loan. The requirements are the same as all other short-term loans.

Our partners will only require information that makes able to perform their credit assessment at the same time. Also, taking the smallest details that the law requires them to have.

The following documents are the major requirements.  


  • A South African Identity document.
  • Three months stamped South African bank statement.
  • Proof of regular income (usually a latest pay slip from a current employer).

Hot to acquire a loan for bad credit?

Loans for bad credit are applied for through our website.

  • One will need first to select a loan and complete the short application,  where they will fill their personal information and financial information before submitting the required documents.
  • From our list of lenders, we will assign the application to those that offer services that you require, and they will basically give you a loan offer. Upon accepting the comfortable loan offer, you would now need to make a contractual agreement with the lender.
  • The lender will communicate their terms and conditions, and when an agreement, the loan will be disbursed with the relevant funds transferred to the bank account provided in the application process.  In this short process, you will have your loan despite being described as a bad credit holder.

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