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Iloans is an experienced and registered lender which offers a wide range of financial products ranging from personal loans, long term loans, payday and short-term to all the South Africans who have to need to work with us over the loan course. 

About – Iloans

Iloans excludes no one, we cater to those with bad credit rating (blacklisted) and also those with a good credit rating in the same basket. Our company has over the years been a respected player in pushing for financial inclusion and development of our communities through sustainable finance.

Iloans is an institution that works bonded by ethics and responsibilities in its lending undertakings. Our experiences have made us understand the needs and relevant solutions applicable to each scenario.  To our clients, we provide services at our best, with our qualified and experienced personnel at your facility. Our services are amongst the cheap and easily accessible in the financial sector.

We are an institution of excellence. Iloans is proud of taking the financial lending business to another level, and so our customers honour us with the excellent perception we need.

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Bad credit is a resultant figure of breaching loan covenants (failure to secure repayment in time and amounts agreed) that almost anyone can easily fall into. This is a result of a change in income, retrenchment, accident and other things beyond our control.

We all need our names to be associated with a good perception. So it makes sense when we say no one will intentionally get their name blacklisted.  The same people who are labelled with a bad credit rating will do their best to have a good credit rating, and this is where the big story lies at.

The credit scores that are assigned to your name when you borrow funds from a registered financial institution form the basis of good or bad credit rating. Credit bureau institutions will be supplied with your details and how you managed to make repayments on your easy loan or credit cards.

These scores will be pegged by a minimum mark determined by these credit bureaus to mark the difference between good and bad credit. The lower section will always occupy the bad credit rating and vice-versa or the top part.

Never Suffer Again

Bad credit scores and lenders do not go in the same directions, and bad credit is associated with a history of failing to repay loans. Failing to abide by loan covenants and on the other side, lenders are financial institutions in the business of loans. They want quick returns and nothing to associate with them failing to recover their funds from borrowers.  

So what? Once one gets their name to be labelled with bad credit (blacklisted), most lenders will find a reason to shy away from such people.

This means, there will be a notorious denial of people’s’ right to access financial services because of something that happened in their history.

Getting help with bad credit loans.

Iloans cares for the people, and we hold a notion that people change and they also deserve a chance to have a platform. Where they can implement and show changes in their lives.  It could be situations beyond your control or an accident that made you to default. A previous loan or fail your credit card, this all does not mean that you are still the same. ILoans offers loans for bad credit; that is, we do not care much about your history.

We give loans to people with all types of credit rating simply because we are not dependent on the credit ratings offered by credit bureaus. Our company does internal credit analysis, on which we base on the information and documentation submitted to us by the loan applicant.  This means when you have a bad credit record, and we allow you to make it a good credit rating.

Our company offers all types of personal loans ranging from payday loans, short-term loans and long-term loans to people who hold bad credit rating. The more significant concern should be based on how much you want, to be supported by how much you are willing and able to pay.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

Application Process

For one to acquire a loan with a bad credit rating, they will have to meet a list of our requirements and conditions before filing an online application.


One will need to be an adult (18 years and above) South African citizen who works or earn a regular income within South Africa. The income should be received through a South African bank.


As a way of verifying for the above conditions, all the applicants will need to submit. Three documents which include, a national identity document, a three months stamped bank statement and the latest pay slip from a current employer


When a prospective applicant meets the above requirements and conditions, they can now move to fill in financial and personal information on our online form for loans with bad credit.

As soon as a complete application is submitted, our credit team will reach you. When it is successful, and you can expect funds to be deposited in your bank account soon after that.

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