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Loan Choice SA is a loan brokerage institution that strives to combine the people (borrowers) and institutions (lenders) of similar needs to one place coupled with free paralegal assistance.

About – Loan Choice

Loan Choice has a long list of resourceful financial lenders with different capacities and services ranging from short-term loans to long-term home finance. We do the relevant research, communicate and facilitate a safe platform for all kind of borrowers. Whether you have a bad credit rating or you have a good one, we are there to help you find the right loan.

The choices we made in selecting a list of lenders refined the legitimate, ethical and trustworthy from the rest. We are making sure that our clients can access the best financial services. With our partners, one will be assured to find the lowest interest rates. Relevant financial solutions and reliable solution that will only improve your credit scores afterwards.

Acquiring a financial credit can be a robust experience, but the task becomes harder when one has a bad credit rating. All lenders and companies might seem to avoid you opting for those with a good credit rating. The bad credit rating might seem to be a substantial obstacle on your way to obtaining the right financial assistance.

Loan Choice SA, as a company that understands and put itself in your shoes, afford you the opportunity and make things go the other way around.

Be Successful

Eventually, when one can source a loan from a financial institution, they are expected to perform well as much as timely and full payments are concerned. The reason is not just to quickly settle the debt, but to keep the right record with financial institutions. These organisations will always look back into history whenever you try to deal with them in future.

Credit scores are the points achieved or deducted whenever you take a loan or use a credit card. Credit bureaus work in hand with financial institutions, particularly lenders to mitigate difficulties these lenders face in evaluating new clients.

The notion is that new clients to one might be old clients with other institutions, sometimes defaulters if not with pending loans. Based on assessments made by credit bureaus, one can only fall within one side of the ratings. That is either be rated with bad credit or a good credit rating. The excellent credit rating represents your good history in making timely and adequate payments on your loans and credit cards.

On the other side, bad credit rating represents delays, insufficient payments and default on your loans and credit cards.

Made Simple

The credit rating practice, with most lenders, is the best practice and the ultimate stage for client assessment and evaluation. The same cannot be said with prospective borrowers who might feel that their negative credit rating happened due to misinformed decisions, errors and accidents.

This is why Loan Choice SA has coordinated several microfinance service providers that do not base much on these credit scores. Also, giving our stakeholders a long list of lenders that offer loans for bad credit.

Loan Choice SA brings many opportunities to its stakeholders; amongst these is a penalty-free opportunity for one to turn around their bad credit rating with a short-term loan. That will be the same time to help you cover your immediate financial needs.

Loans for bad credit are short-term loans offered to clients who previously had difficulties in repaying their loans or credit cards. These services are specifically meant to fulfil three primary objectives

  • Provide immediate financial back-up when the need arises
  • Allow prospective clients to change their credit scores for the better
  • Facilitate financial inclusion by providing financial services to sidelined markets.
  • Our partners have a wide array of loans for bad credit that can cater to clients with different credit ratings.

At meagre interest rates, few administration costs; if they are there, on a short amount repayable on a short period of time. One can expect to turn their name from being blacklisted to attractive credit scores.

Our partners offer loans for bad credit that range from as little as R100 to a maximum of R8 000, depending on your needs and abilities.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

How to acquire a loan with bad credit

Loan Choice SA brings loans for bad credit closer to your doorstep, making your financial decisions easier at the same time. Also enabling one to obtain goals that need financial backup. Our cooperation with the providers of personal funding means more straightforward application, less time on research of both requirements and the exact companies that offer loans for bad credit.

Below are the two procedures that one goes through to acquire a loan for bad credit


Because our clients do not place much emphasis, they will need enough data to allow them to make their credit analysis. With this, they have conditions and necessary documents required to support those conditions.

One will need to be South African who has a regular income that is received through a South African bank. This condition, one will require you to submit a South African Identity document, and three months stamped bank statement and the latest pay slip.


When one meets the requirements checklist, they are useful to complete the loan application with us. The application is made online through our website, and this process can only be complete when all fields and documentation have been submitted.

One of our consultants will reach up to you when the loan application is successful, and when an agreement is reached, the loan will be granted the same minute.

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