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Loan Zone South Africa prides itself of providing the best loan and legal assistance to all the South African clients who intend to deal with us.

About – Loan Zone SA

Our primary services are providing loan guide combined with general legal advice, accident claims advice and also personal injury advice. The company saw it fit to merge law with financial lending services as most of our stakeholders posed for such a requirement. This is needed to provide their services at the same time abiding by the laws and financial regulations.

Lone Zone SA makes unbeatable efforts to bring lenders and borrowers to a clear understanding of the South African regulations and requirements concerning their activities on top of providing research, guidance and client evaluation.

To the prospective loan applicants, we are at their service with the right hand-picked list of lenders that are registered and vowed to provide ethical services. Also, giving them a platform where they can apply to lenders who will not take chances to manipulate them.

Our company fosters for financial inclusion through the provision of services that reach all corners of our country. Through the internet and our marketing schemes, we can reach all types of clients ranging from rural folks, students and those with bad credit rating.

Talking of bad credit rating, most clients who find their names blacklisted are facing tough times in securing loans of all types. Most cases, they are only granted secured loans, which somehow exerts more risk on their appliances and properties. This would mean they would have worked so hard to obtain over their lifetimes.

Everything You Wanted to Know

Bad credit rating is below average credit score that one is likely to obtain when they fail to meet the fast loan or credit card covenants. These credit scores are assigned by credit bureaus, which are institutions that specialise in credit analysis.

The data they use is submitted by financial institutions when one takes a loan through these institutions. The practice is meant to reduce the length and complexities in making client assessments and evaluations in future periods.

When one is marked with bad credit rating, it is the beginning of a long story for the same person to acquire the right financial services. This happens because creditors are mostly looking for people with good credit rating. They have proven a history of lower risk and profitable to deal with as compared to those with low bad credit rating.

However, the issue becomes more debatable when one considers how some people came to have these bad credit rating. Most have different behaviour and incomes.

The Ultimate Deal 

The need for an easy loan may arise amongst any individual, whether you have a bad credit rating or a good one. The situations that require financial assistance take a random course amongst the populace, to the extent that life might be right today but anytime accidents and unforeseen events may happen.

The bigger question is what financial recourse do we have when our names are written against bad credit scores?  

Loan Zone is a platform that seeks to curb the consequences of bad credit records on the lives of individuals who have a passion and ability to change for the better. With our desire to help people access financial services at the same time, improving their credit rating. We have worked with our partner lenders who can provide you with ethical funding despite your name being blacklisted.

Our partners offer loans for bad credit in amounts that range from R100 to R8 000, at interest rates that do not exceed 48% per annum. These loans will then have a repayment period that ranges from three to six months; all of them are unsecured loans.

These products are specifically part of our partner’s devotion to the notion of financial inclusion and intent to improve the South Africans’ living conditions despite one holding a bad credit record.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income


Loans for bad credit are more similarly the same with the traditional lending system, and the application process is the same except a clause where one will be required to give a brief insight of the defaulted loans to assist our credit team in making informed decisions about it.

One will need to go through the application process when they meet the requirements criteria for loans for bad credit.


Loans for bad credit offered through the Loan Zone platform are meant to facilitate the smooth overcoming of obstacles that require financial assistance to South African citizens.

The applicants should, therefore, possess South African national identity documents, and three months stamped bank statements and latest pay slips.


The application for loans with bad credit is exclusively made online, and one will need to fill in their details through the application portal on our website.

It is also during the application process where one is expected to read, understand and agree with our terms and conditions, submit their documents and finally the application itself.


After making a successful application, the applicant will need to wait a few hours when our credit team and consultancy will be assessing their application.

As soon as the loan for bad credit application passes, our consultants will give you a call before the loan can be disbursed. Then your funds will be made available for your use.

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