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Gone are the days when one would have a headache after being blacklisted upon failure to clear loans or update credit cards at the time and amounts required.

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Once you get blacklisted it would appear more of a crime or a person on a wanted list and almost every financial institution would avoid getting involved with you. But as to this day, some financial institutions still treat people with as fugitives because of the name “blacklisted” and how people view it appears as a black book. But what does blacklisted mean?

In modern day financial practices, financial institutions and registered lenders have become so smart to the extent that they formed coalitions which resulted in the creation of other financial institutions that specializes in credit analysis and research based on the data submitted by lenders to the later.

With this data they assign points to the identify of all clients based on how good or bad clients perform on repaying loans and credit cards. On maximum attainable points of 999, the credit bureaus mark a point on which they will determine the bad and good credit scores. Those with low credit scores are considered unattractive for lending purposes and they’re labelled as “blacklisted”.

Because financial institutions and micro credit organizations are risk averse, they will screen their prospective loan applicants with the use of these credit scores marginal to their internal client evaluation and assessment.  The working trust that binds credit bureaus and lenders has the later placing much weight on credit scores than internally made assessments and this would negatively impact chances of people with bad credit in getting a loan.

Mr Cash Loans has made it possible for one to have an easier recourse and work from their bad credit rating 

How I Improved Mr Cash Loans

Mr. Cash loans is a financial services mediator which is determined to ease up the lives of people with bad credit rating with a wide range of loans offered by its partners.  Our partners have a real understanding and empathy to work with you, providing financial services and loans that are ethical and cheaper.

We have a list of partners who take up clients with bad credit rating for all types of personal loans, from short-term loans, long-term loans and vehicle finance.  Depending on one’s credit scores and results from internal assessment there are options for secured loans and unsecured loans for smaller amounts, with bigger amounts depending on where one will be ranked.

Due to the understanding that our clients have of the position of bad credit rating, that no human can stay the same and basically that having a bad credit rating is not a result of one’s intentional actions but things beyond our control. They have put up loans for bad credit that range from R1 000 to R200 000 depending on situations and results of internal credit assessment.

These easy loans will differ in repayment periods that start from three to sixty months with very interest rates.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be employed and have proof of income
  • Must be a South African citizen


Our company works as a broker between the lenders and borrowers, making us a secure point where lenders sell their loans and borrowers procure the same. We have partnered with respectable lending institutions that we do applications for and facilitate assessments on their behalf.  One will need to apply for a loan for bad credit from our website, we will present the same loan application to our partners who will bid to serve you.

Our company will only choose the best partner’s offer to contact you. You will engage with the later to organize your loan disbursement and repayments, as soon as an agreement is reached then your funds will be made available.  All that will take place in the following steps.


The prerequisites to applying for a loan for bad credit have a slight difference with normal quick loans, on the loans for bad credit one to meet all of the following conditions. Be a South African citizen aged between 18 to 60 years, employed for the past six months earning and income above R5 000 that is received through a South African bank.

All the applicants for loans with bad credit should also be free from administration, sequestration and debt reviews.


The application process is a simple exercise that involves one filling their details and submitting documentations that support the above-mentioned conditions on an email which will be provided at that stage.  

The documents should include a national identity document, three months stamped bank statement from a local bank and a latest pay slip from the current employer.

Within the application process one will pass through the terms and conditions before submitting the whole application online


Mr. Cash loan’s service is free of charge, but as soon as our clients are able to obtain a loan and have it disbursed to them, the loan will then be made due for repayments to start. The loan for bad credit to be repaid will comprise of four elements which are the service fees, initiation fees, loan interest and the principal amount borrowed.


The repayment of our loans for bad credit will commence a month after disbursement, basically because we do not offer products for shorter durations like one month.

All the repayments are made via a direct debit facility as equal monthly installments that will last for the duration agreed, offsetting all the elements of the loan to be repaid. When the repayment is done, one can now expect to have a better credit rating triggered from a loan with bad credit and this is how Mr. Cash loans help you to win.

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