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Have you ever wondered about where to get finance with a lender who doesn’t dig deep in your history? A company who just take’s your position as it is to determine.

About – National Loans

A lender who is ethically and responsibly means when it comes to solving your financial problems. National loans is a respectable and experienced institution that can take you for your financial freedom journey.

National Loans, like the name, suggests, is a financial institution that operates within South Africa specialising in financial inclusion by way of covering disadvantaged clients.

Our services were explicitly crafted to cover the market that is denied financial credit by other financial institutions across the country. We offer a wide variety of personal loans from payday loans, short-term loans, long-term and secured loans for vehicles and houses.

This is where we gain the ability to help the community in tough times through these easily accessible, cheap and effortless loans. That will also help you to improve your credit rating with credit bureaus.

National loans carry its activities basing on ethics of responsible lending, transparency and fairness. On top of all things, we put more focus on our clients whom we protect, their data, interests and needs. This is what we serve for these represent the measure of our success.

We are responsible in the sense that we take care of our clients by giving them what is suitable, and possibly repayable. Also, without exerting any amount of pressure or emotions which might trigger defaulting and over-indebtedness. Our services are transparent and fare as combine a mix of easy concept, with no hidden costs and unnecessary penalties.

What Everyone Ought To Know About loans

Many lenders out there’s purpose are that they are open and fully fostering financial inclusion, but their activities and requirements talk a different story. With this ever-fluctuating economy, more and more people find themselves checked out of employment, delayed their payments or untimely retrenchments.

These are some of the issues that disturb the financial plans of any family. Given that one experience such a situation during the time they will have a loan or credit card balance, default is the most certain thing. So, whose fault would that be? The employer? The employee or someone else?

National Loans says it’s probably none of the above. The problem we face nowadays has financial institutions that wholly depend on the information provided by credit bureaus. Ignoring the current situation that a prospective borrower will be in.

Credit bureaus will give assign a low credit rating to any client who defaults a loan or fails to abide by loan covenants not considering the reasons beyond the default. Sometimes the clients who are labelled with bad credit rating are the best performers who could have got caught unaware, and their credit rating gets tarnished.

National Loans for bad credit?

Unlike other credit providers, National loans do not seek to reveal the unfortunate history of the prospective borrower. Instead, the company works to improve the credit rating of its clients by allowing them to access funding, where excellent performance is utmost probable.

Our specialisation majors in the area where clients with bad credit are found. We deal with people who are on debt review, sequestrated. Working abroad and blacklisted facilitating real financial inclusion at the same time showing true allegiance to servicing the South African community through tangible financial services.

National Loans offers loans for bad credit at all stages of personal lending, that is from short-term loans, long-term loans, vehicle finance and house finance. Fulfilling almost all the financial needs that our citizens come across on their daily lives.

Our secure, fast, simple loans for bad credit come in amounts that range from R500 to 100 000 repayable over a negotiated period that also suit your incomes and choices. With very low interest rates for loans for bad credit, our company has managed to secure a comprehensive coverage showing the quality and competitiveness of the products we offer.


  • The applicant should be at least 21 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

Acquiring a loan 

At National Loans we afford our clients a unique opportunity to acquire loans for bad credit with just the same requirements people with good credit rating.

Our loans for bad credit will require one to meet application conditions before moving in to lodge an online application. Below are the stages are taken to acquire the loans with bad credit

Qualifying conditions

All prospective applicants will need to have been employed for at least six months before making an application earning a regular remuneration (at least R2 000 per month) that is received through a South African bank.

The applicants will have a bank account in their names and fall between 21 years and above.


All applications for loans for bad credit are done online through the application portal on the website. The short exercise will require the applicant’s personal information and documents to support the conditions mentioned above.

Upon filling in all required fields, one will need to view and sign our terms and conditions before submitting the application, When the application process is done the whole work will remain with our staff to approve your loan.

As soon as your application gets through relevant communication will be done and your funds will be made available to the bank account.

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