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Pronto Loans values the reliance that we receive from clients, and in return to that, we have broadened our services, forming four subsidiaries that provide related services, making sure that our clients are fully covered.

About – Pronto Loans

Pronto loan is a financial mediator that works with reputable financial institutions to expand the outreach of loans and other financial services within South Africa. With much specialisation and research on secured and unsecured personal loans, we have managed to go heights in bridging the financial gap.

Most people face a tough time in accessing loans with a credit rating below the average; on the other hand, the demand for loans with bad credit. Also, this follows an increasing trend similar to other loans. Day by day, more people get stuck in situations that require urgent funding.

As people borrow, they sometimes fail to live up to the loan terms. In which this will result in their credit scores decrease to the extent that impedes. Also, their future likelihood of acquiring further loans.

The more we have such scenarios, the larger the number of people who get barred from easy access to financial services.

Finding the perfect loan solution

With a bad credit rating, most financial institutions are most likely to shy away from providing financial services, especially loans for bad credit. Because of them, bad credit is associated with loan default, and unending loses.

But the practice can have an element of unfairness to the prospective clients. As they would have cleared their easy loans in addition to the fact that they will be having an urgent need for funding.

There is no better feeling than knowing that you will probably access the right loan despite holding a bad credit record. Having some lenders calling names like “blacklisted”  Our efforts to provide you with the cheap, easy and affordable loan funding has yielded a better list of lenders. Also, who understand and appreciate the need for financial services unselected delivery.

Pushed by their wows to financial inclusion and care for the community they thrive in these institutions places tiny to no regards for credit ratings. Instead of places more emphasis on your current conditions, abilities and internally done credit assessment.

At Pronto loans, we facilitate you to obtain loans for bad credit for amounts that reach a whopping R150 000 on a single application. These loans will be unsecured with very low-interest rates that one can be assured to realise the best value from their funds.

Our loans for bad credit will also allow you to improve your credit rating as all the repayments and updates will also be recorded. These institutions thus giving you a double benefit with one product.

What is needed for obtaining a loan?

At Pronto loans every client is treated the same, whether you come to us with a bad credit rating you will be assured to receive the best service as far as loans for bad credit are concerned.  

The process of obtaining a loan for bad credit was made to be par from application to disbursement and this symbolizes our equal appreciation for people of different backgrounds. The loan requirements and conditions listed here are a simple reflection of legal requirements and credit assessment ingredients.  

Our clients will be expected to be adult South African citizens who earn regular monthly income, received through a South African bank. On top of that applicants will also need to provide their national identity documents, latest pay slips from current employers and a three months stamped bank statement.

With these, one is good to make a successful application for a loan for bad credit.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

Applications Process

When a prospective loan for bad debt applicant meets the conditions and requirements. They can proceed by filling in an online application where they’re only expected to be truthful as all the information will be verified during the assessment stage.

The applicants will also need to read and sign our terms and conditions at the bottom of the application form, before applying together with certified copies of relevant documents.

The application process does not end there; the application is submitted to various lenders who offer easy, fast loans that one would have applied for.

The lenders will submit their bids, and the most suitable provider will be made to contact you with loan specifications. Upon reaching an agreement, the loan can now be disbursed and funds made available.

Once one is granted a loan for bad credit, our partners next step are to repay the dues. We are making sure that there is a positive impact made to their credit rating. The repayment process is divided into a period of equal monthly instalments when a loan repayment period longer than one month.  

The repayment instalments will be offset at least three elements which include, the principal loan amount, interests and a one-time initiation fee.

The repayments that are repaid in the form of a debit order will automatically stop when the loan balances tick zero.

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