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Show time finance is a microfinance institution that focuses on providing personal loans and loans related services within the South African context.

About – Show Time Finance

The company prides with vast experience in helping people to ease up past their financial problems through the provision of simple, safe and secure financial solutions. Our services range from emergency loans to long term personal loans all on which are also provided as loans with bad credit.

Provision is guided by a set of rules and codes that help to align our activities to our goals. Where our operations are expected to be effective,  transparent, ethical and efficiently sustainable.

Show time finance is effective in crafting and delivering financial solutions that positively impact the people we deal with. With a show, time loan can expect to have their financial problem solved, gain financial education and also have an improved credit rating. Also, which possibly can give you an advantage in future applications.

Our services are also delivered to match your customs and way of doing things. We seek to satisfy your needs flexibly as we understand that every individual is different and so their desires and needs.

With that, our company gives uncontested devotion to transparency as we seek to make our clients understand our ways of doing things. We make them feel comfortably part of us.

Besides, our company have managed to provide comprehensive services starting from loans with bad credit to those with good credit rating,  from emergency funding to long term loans.

The Truth About BAD CREDIT

Credit rating is the assigning of numerical values to one’s performance in loan or credit card repayment.  The system of credit rating is by far the most favoured way of conducting credit assessment for new clientele.

The credit scores are compiled from historical data collected by credit bureaus (companies responsible for credit assessment) from institutions that one could have previously dealt with.

The credit scores will be higher for clients who managed to pay and clear their fast loans within the contractually stipulated period and in amounts agreed. There will be lower scores for those who fail to oblige loan covenants and default.

The credit scores are generally measured from 300 to 999, with 570 marking the difference between a good or bad credit scores.

BAD CREDIT Is it Crucial ?

Bad credit rating is the term used to refer to the people who have credit scores lower than 570. Sometimes these people are also referred to as blacklisted although the time makes it sound like a crime and is provocative to people with low credit scores.

More and more financial institutions continue to use the term and block vast numbers of potential clients from obtaining loans. Holding a bad credit rating to some extent means that you are likely going to face difficulties in securing credit. Your history tells a dark past about your repayments, although some people have gone through changes in their lifetime. The consequences can keep haunting them.

Upon realising that the number of people who get blacklisted keeps growing, our company became a desire to save our market from further shrinking.

From our perspective, all human beings have their ups and financial services providers if we drop all the clients who fail to perform on their loans. The result will be the whole nation blacklisted and unable to meet loan conditions.  

Backed by that and our quest to facilitate financial inclusion, we made our loans accessible as loans for bad credit. We give funding with little to no regard for one’s previous performances. In this sense, we are financially empowering our clients at the same time giving them better prospects of accessing credit in future.

Our loans for bad credit come in the form of emergency loans, microloans and long-term personal loans which are safe, secure, and efficiently life changing.  Our loans for bad credit carrying low-interest rates of 28% per annum, repayable of a flexible period that can go as much as 74 months in monthly instalments.

These loans are our special gift to the South African people who are sidelined from accessing the right financial credit. Loans for bad credit are provided in a way that enables one to borrow and repay without complications to limit the chances of further draining into bad credit by concurrent defaults.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income


Loans with bad credit with us are relatively easier to obtain. With one having to fulfil the requirements and make an application that genuinely reflects their conditions, the process to acquire can be swift.

To obtain these loans with bad credit, three steps are compulsorily taken, and that is getting the required documentation. Also,  meeting application and accepting the final loan offer.

Show Time Finance loans for bad credit are accessible to South African citizens who are above 18 years. The applicant should have a regular income received through a South African bank. The applicants should also be able to provide a national identity card, and three months stamped bank statement and the latest pay slip from a current employer.

One will need to fill a short online application on which the relevant documents will need to be uploaded and submitted. It is online where the clients are also expected to read and understand our terms and conditions before signing the agreement.

To acquire a loan, the successful applications will be replied to by one of our consultants who will make a further reminder and offers to the loan applicant. When all the details align and the client show willingness and ability to take up the loan, the funds will then be made available through the bank account provided during the application process.

In this way, one would have won their way to a loan with bad credit with Show Time Finances, and this is one of the many ways we empower our clients.

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