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SuperSmart loans is a conventional loan site that melts the problems faced by both lenders and borrowers in a single shot.

About – SuperSmartLoans

Over time of working with lenders and borrowers, we have realized that there lack of effective communication and constructive engagements in times of hardship. Financial institutions tend to dump the clientele when they are in dire need of funding. Also, on the other hand, the later will not be having the bargaining power to communicate their problems to the lenders.

This has seen businesses and borrowers having a distant relationship. Where there is no trust and mutual understanding, drawing a line of anxiety where the lender expects to be defaulted on, and the clients have an eye to detect overcharging.

In this day and age of technology, it is becoming more and more complicated for one to engage in financial activities online safely. Due to a large number of scams and cybersecurity threats, people continue to fall prey to unethical and bogus lenders. This gives a higher need for one to have the guide of the right company that will aid in shielding the threats prospective clients are exposed to by the environment. The bogus institutions continue to profit from people who would be having very few alternatives.

SuperSmart loans work with the two constructively to come up with fast loans that can help people when they fall in real need. When low credit scores indicate their need for funding, our website brings the two parties together and makes a mix with clients who have similar needs.

Giving a variety of loans and loan products, we have managed to build a long lasting working relationship with quality experiences and effective service delivery.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with BAD CREDIT

If you ever wondered about what is bad credit rating, it is notoriously referred to as being blacklisted. Bad credit rating is the state of holding credit scores that are lower than a credit bureau average.

Credit bureaus will obtain all the information regarding your loans.

  1. When you acquired it?
  2. How did you repay?
  3. How did you manage to clear your balances?

These will all contribute to your credit scores, which will be summed up. When the aggregate is below their average one will be regarded to have a bad credit rating.

This further makes life uneasy for people with bad credit records as they go from legit lenders to money launderers and loan sharks. On which type of service they will receive will be more harmful than not getting finance at all.

Getting into the life of a prospective borrower who holds a bad credit rating or blacklisted. It’s not easy for that section as one is barred from accessing the right financial services with legit institutions.

The reason being that, larger financial institutions make it clear that they will not deal with clients. Also, with bad credit rating, they are looking to reduce the loss triggered by credit risk associated with the clients with bad credit rating.

What You Should Do For Your BAD CREDIT

Supersmart gives its stakeholders the chance to eliminate the element of obstacles in the form of bad credit rating that may be blocking their way of accessing the relevant loans.

Our institution has a strong working relationship with respected financial institutions. A powerful way of helping the populace is to access funding and realizing it. Most people with bad credit scores would have moved to a different stage of their lifetime. Which is better than them when they defaulted loans, we are always seeking new ways to bring them back to the right borrowing status.

It is through this quest that we came to provide them with a wide variety of loans for bad credit.

Loans for bad credit are financial engagements that lenders get into with borrowers that could have missed their loan covenants. For that reason had their credit scores lowered.  These loans come in a wide range starting from short-term loans to long-term housing finance, all of which are regarded as opportunities for the once defaulters to clear their names from the blacklist.

Our company provides loans for bad credit in amounts that range from R1 000 to R200 000, all repayable in a period not exceeding five years.


  • Must be employed and have proof of income
  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen

Getting a loan for bad credit

Our company gives you the ability and opportunity to change your personal financial status in a comfortable and faster way. We have made sure that our stakeholders get the best value from their engagement with us without having to search for too many things, and here is how.

Loans for bad credit facilitated through our site are obtained after one takes three necessary steps; these steps follow the check up on requirements, an online application process, and the accepting of the contracts.


This first stage is for us to familiarize and identify the person we are dealing with at this stage when we require our clients to fill in all the relevant biological and background information.


The application process is a short and easy process that takes less than ten minutes to complete. Before one can make an application, they have to satisfy the required conditions.

The application process for our loans for bad credit is done online. Our website one will have to select the amount and period they intend to make repayment before filling in their details and submit their supporting documents.

One will have to read, understand, and sign our terms and conditions before submitting the application as a whole to our credit team.


All successful applicants will be responded to with our staff who will seek to verify your identity, your application and intent to get a loan.

When all the information is obtained and there is an agreement between the lender and the borrower funds can now be released to the provided bank account and this is how easy it is to obtain a loan with bad credit with Super Smart Loans.

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