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When one looks into this notion of refusing to grant loans to clients with bad credit record by lenders, it becomes more evident that neglecting these clients will cause more harm than having constructive engagements with these people.

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The more financial institutions shy away from clients with bad credit, the further the concept of financial inclusion goes out of reach.

It is also essential to know that when one holds a bad credit rating, it is not the worst thing that they have done. A simple mistake or accident on your repayments could tarnish the credit scores.

TA Consulting has a routine of ethical practices that guide each activity that we carry in providing financial services.  Our code of ethics is based on operational transparency, sustainable lending, and financial inclusion.

With most of our operations based online and us being a mediator between the lender and the borrower, we made tremendous efforts to eliminate any element of doubt and insecurity. Our services are free, and all operations are clearly explained to everyone who might be interested.

TA Consulting sustainable service in that all our clients are uplifted from their current financial conditions. This is doing things that make us create more from the communities we operate in, growing a market share from the perception our clients have about us.

When it comes to loans with bad credit, with us, one will expect the best from a condition they were regarded as blacklisted.

Fast-Track Your BAD CREDIT

It is funny to note that people who hold bad credit rating have a higher need for financial assistance. Mostly those with good credit rating, but they are the ones barred from accessing these services.

This translates to be that, if a company denies a loan to a person with a bad credit rating, their endeavors are more concentrated on how much profit they can make, rather than their impact on the community and national development.

The idea is not about pushing for the needs of people only, but striking a balance between social, economic development and your profitability as a lender.

Due to the rife economic meltdown that our country is sinking into, the need to have a fast loan even when one holds a bad credit rating is increasing. One day there is an unexpected power cut, and we need an alternative power supply to keep our activities going.

A loan can be the best solution to covering some financial needs that arise due to unforeseen events or when one feels like just boosting their small business.

It is somehow unfair to sideline people who hold bad credit as we live in the same society for the same reasons. This is why those with good credit need loans are also the reason why loans with bad credit should be extended to clients who are blacklisted.

Credit scores are mostly used by many institutions that will need to extend credit to their clients or customers. The use of credit scores is very intensive in microfinance and lending businesses where many companies will be specializing in financial services.

These companies will always perform credit assessments and evaluations of their prospective clients using credit scores. Though lenders might request your information regarding financial activities, the credit scores and the rating will be given much priority.

Which means those with lower credit scores will have slim chances of obtaining loans and those with higher credit scores will be given priority

BAD CREDIT Your Way To Success

In the extension of loans with bad credit our partners, we employ a higher level of responsibility and accountability in their activities.

They hold values that, it is essential to provide loans where the need arises and where maximum value can be obtained from loans. Borrowing is known to have some emotional strain attached to it. When clients do not realize the value in it, but on the other hand, the best value is attained where the need arises.

Quick Loans are not for free, and they come with interests and administration charges attached to them. Our partners will make sure that the people who are extended with loans have the willingness and ability to repay.

At TA Consulting, we have a list of lenders that provide loans for bad credit with amounts that range to R150 000 to our clients, free of charge.

These ranges from personal loans, short-term and long-term finances, all offered by our partners in their bid to facilitate the microfinance goal of financial inclusion.

These loans with bad credit will give the borrowers the power to finance their current problems concurrently improving their credit rating.


  • A barcoded South African national identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer

How to apply for loan with bad credit

Loans for bad credit are applied the same way with all other types of loans. With TA Consulting, one will expect to go through a short online application process where they will fill in their details before submitting the documents required.

It is during the application process that one is expected to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the company.

The successful applicants will be responded to and have their funds as soon as possible.

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