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Have you ever wondered about a place where you can obtain personal finance without going through any hustles? An institution that provides real value financial services at shallow charges to make sure your life gets flows unimpeded.

About – The 1 Hour Loan

I mean that company that will not ask you much about your credit rating and how much you could not achieve in the past. These days life is just more about what we can make rather than what we failed to do in history; everything is always changing.

With technology and innovations looming up daily, human behavior is also not an exemption.

If we take a closer look at it, we can vividly observe that those we regarded as losers in the past, they are the modern-day champions. More people continue to work on changes for their lifetimes, positive changes that will help them achieve a bright future.

The same goes for people who engaged in borrowing loans in the past. They might have failed to repay in time, but their current condition is not the same, and their quest to repaint their names with a good perception is indisputable.

The One-Hour Loan is a financial brokerage company that places more emphasis on bringing the best financial services to the people. Keeping more specialization to marginalized communities and sections sidelined by most financial institutions.

The company employs a high level of research in loans and loan-related services. We are serving the communities with quality advisory services and the right direction to the needs of both the clientele and financial services providers.

Our services were made to be safe, fast, and relevant to our clientele to ensure effectiveness in fulfilling the needs of the people. Due to the constant financial instabilities that nations are facing in modern-day economies, one can never have surety on how their financial status could be soon.

More people get retrenched, rampant power cuts, trigger immediate needs to fund alternative power sources. Politics and shift in prices might all cause unforeseen needs for financial assistance.

How about if that problem affects you in time when your credit rating is nothing more than an unattractive indicator that lenders may use to sideline you from accessing loans?

BAD CREDIT is it a Mistake?

The demand for personal loans arises randomly within people, and whether you hold a good credit rating or a bad credit rating, the need remains the same. The most irritating thing is for one to find a barrier just near the time when they think help is closer.

Bad credit rating is one of the issues that gives a headache to most people who might have made a few mistakes in repaying their past loans. Bad credit rating is regarded as a threat to the profitability and survival of lending institutions. This might be true in some scenarios, but with other people defaulting happens as an honest mistake. This means these people would strive to change their credit rating allowed to do so.

Bad credit rating is defined as a point below the minimum acceptable credit scores, usually, credit scores below 570. A person with a bad credit rating will expect to find hardships in accessing credit, be it from stores that sell on credit, credit cards from banks, and loans.

The lower your credit rating becomes, the higher the lender’s feel unsafe to deal with you. Basically, they will be associating the person with default history, which is an indicator of the potential loss. At One-Hour Loans, we work to reduce the impact of bad credit from deterring people from getting loans.

This is why we have handpicked a list of lenders that have hearts filled with empathy and goals of sustaining financial inclusion in the South African community.  These lenders are willing and able to provide loans to clients with bad credit at low costs and reasonable periods.

The loans offered by our partners range from R100 to R100 000 per applicant with repayment periods that stretch to a maximum of five years.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income
  • National identity document.
  • Three months stamped bank statement.
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer.

How to obtain a loan for bad credit?

Upon meeting the conditions mentioned above, one will need to complete the application through our website. The application process is a short and easy exercise where one is expected to fill their personal and financial details before uploading their details.

Our partners will view your application, and within minutes the successful applicants will be called to notify on the disbursement of their loans with bad credit.

This is how we help you to access the loans, with little effort with One-Hour loans, and you can be a winner.

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