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Total Finance works to bridge the gap between the financial needs of the South African citizens and the quest of microfinance institutions to cover these needs through financial inclusion.

About – Total Finance

The company works as a middleman between the lenders and the borrowers. Doing intensive research useful to prospective lenders on where, when, and from who to get the financial credit.

To our partner lenders, we provide priceless evaluations and assessments. Also, bringing them what we call a clean list of people who have needs backed by their ability and willingness to work with financial companies.

Total Finance has pride in its ability to educate prospective lenders and help them to make informed decisions. This will see the improving current financial situation altogether with their credit rating.

At no charge at all to our clients, we can make additional telephonic engagements upon requests in which we help to choose a relevant source of funding. Making sure that we can get into your shoes to enable us to address your financial issues in the right way.

Total Finance is a communion of successful financial experts who have unquestioned abilities in conducting economic research and advisory. That’s making sure that your engagement with us will only yield a trace of positiveness in your life.

We continually engage with a variety of credit services providers who range from banking institutions, microfinance institutions, and legitimate lending institutions. We do this to protect our clients from falling victims of predatory lending practices which are rife in the field of financial credit. Also, with that our clients always the best services they deserve in an instant at no cost.

What Is BAD CREDIT and How Does It Work?

Total finance is a champion of ethically practiced financial inclusion, .we employ all the possible media to reach out to all sections of the community, including those with bad credit scores. We are making sure that no one is excluded from accessing financial services.

The services we offer are transparent and easily understood to all our stakeholders. We work with companies that have no hidden cost, companies that fully abide by the financial regulations and the laws of South Africa. When one deals with us, they will not have to worry about their credit rating as we make it our mandate to cater to the needs of all clients.

Credit rating is one of the methods that are notoriously employed by financial institutions and lenders for assessing and evaluating prospective clients. Due to that, a large number of South Africans are facing an obstacle of bad credit rating when it comes to accessing loans during their times of needs.

On the other hand, it is also advantageous for microfinance institutions to apply these credit rating as it makes their work easy and increase growth and survival. Total Finance can be regarded as a stepping stone when it comes to accessing loans with bad credit.

Our company works with human values and ethics. We have empathy for those who are sidelined by some lenders. Reason being that they hold bad credit rating. Our company will help one to access loans because they need a loan, not because they have a good credit rating. This is why we put all the clients in the same basket.

Whether one has a good or bad credit rating, the need for finance remains the same. Blocking people with a bad credit rating is equivalent to violating the concept of financial inclusion.

Revolutionize Your BAD CREDIT 

Total finance empowers people with bad credit ratings with loans that range from short-term loans, emergency finance, long-term loans, and vehicle finance. The company seeks to ease up your way past life problems with cheap, fast, and reliable loans. One can securely find funds online without having to worry about their details as we keep it confidential. Total finance facilitates you to get loans with bad credit that range from R1 000 to R250 000, all of which will be repayable with monthly installments that do not exceed sixty months.

Our loans are easily accessible as they were made to be obtainable with both credit classes. Also, with bad credit ratings and those who never drifted from the good books of credit bureaus. One can access a loan when they meet the requirements set by our partners.

These are basically what the legal regulations stipulate for responsible lending at the same time representing the foundation of our internal credit assessment. Prospective applicants are expected to have the following.


  • Be employed for a period longer than three months
  • Earning a salary above R3 000 that is received through a South African bank.
  • Be aged above 18 years at the time of making a loan application


The application process is carried on from an application portal that is accessed through our website. Applicants are expected to fill in their personal and financial information before reading and agreeing to our terms and conditions. One will then need to submit the documents required before finishing and submitting the loan application to our credit team.

The applicant can then wait and let us do the remaining work for them assured that within a day, they would have a reply if the application is successful.

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