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In every part of our life endeavours, there is always an alternative that outclasses many other ways, even though people still opt to do things the hard way, sometimes it’s because of not knowing how easy things can be the other way round.

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The same situation is happening in South Africa, where people strive to raise large chunks of money to buy a car. The ABSA group brings you a more natural way of owning and maintaining your vehicle, with lower costs and requirements.

To the South African residents, we bring the best forms of vehicle finance that can ease up their way to owning a vehicle of their choice.

Dreams are worth striving for, but sometimes it is the way that we strive that makes it seem as if things are hard to achieve.

Vehicle finance is a short and real way that one can get to own their dream car. The option allows you to source credit that will be used to finance the price. Also, your car costs and you will only have a responsibility of paying small monthly instalments. Also, enjoying the comfort and security of your car with the little that you earn.

One can see that it is their choice which determines when and how are they going to drive that vehicle of their choice.

The ABSA group brings you an opportunity to finance the vehicle of your choice over a period that you are comfortable with. Our company offers vehicle finance options that range from vehicle loans, hire purchase, lease finance, instalment purchases and rent to buy options.

These are issued with a higher level of transparency, responsibility, ethical and financially conservative way to our clients. ABSA offers vehicle finance to clients from all walks of life as in line with our mandate of pushing for financial inclusion.

These services might seem regular with all other financial services providers, but what makes ABSA’s vehicle finance solutions is the package that these services come with.

Below are the additional components of the ABSA vehicle finance solution.


An option to acquire vehicle finance with ABSA group is the best way in which prospective car owners can make.

The ABSA vehicle finance will bring you a mechanical breakdown cover for your car on the period of repaying your individual loan, that is you can roll with your vehicle not worry about the mechanical elements of your car as we have you covered. Our automatic cover will be a medical aid solution to all your vehicle mechanical faults.


The ABSA plan is a different and advanced solution for you to ease up your vehicle ownership.

Our clients are also backed with an extended service plan, these go beyond the repayment period of your vehicle finance solution. The ABSA plan will not leave you stark because our transactions, because we care we will make extended service plans so that your car can stay in great condition that you deserve.


Our company offers debt insurance, that is in the times of hardships like permanent disabilities and untimely passing of the principal holder (owner) of the vehicle finance, your debts will be covered.

There will not be any repossession and financial burdening of those who remain, ABSA insurance protection will have all that covered, and your car will be safely passed to your beneficiaries.


In the world of finance, incomes and financial supplies vary from time to time and sometimes there is nothing much that we can do to mitigate the impact of these circumstances.

The ABSA vehicle finance comes with shortfall insurance, and this is a service they will provide funding in the times when you fail to meet the instalment needs. With our company, you being part of our clientele base we preserve your credit rating through our shortfall insurance package.

The vehicle finance solutions offered by ABSA come with very few requirements.

Our application criteria is a true representative of our legal obligations combined with the items needed by the credit team to compile client evaluation. For the reason that we are the pioneers of financial inclusion, we always make it our plight for our services. Also, to cater to a large number of clients by easing the application requirements.

Below are the documents required for one to lodge a successful application


  • South African identity card
  • Proof of residence less than three months old
  • Valid South African driver’s license
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer

Applying with Absa

The vehicle finance solutions under the ABSA can be applied either at our branch near you or through an online portal accessed through our company website.

The company has also partnered with a number of car dealers that can facilitate the application of these finance option.

Despite whichever way that the client uses to file their application, they should always make sure that the documents mentioned above are attached on their application as they determine the success or failure of your application.

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