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Auto finance is a company that helps people to own their dream cars through effective financial solutions that are easy, fast and reliable.

About – Auto refin

We specialise in the refinancing of motor vehicles that are already on a repayment plan. Also, we have our new and second-hand vehicle finance programs. Our company works to mitigate the hardships that South Africans face in transportation, making sure that all eligible citizens should travel safely and timelessly.

Getting a car of your dreams can be a distant wish with many of the South African citizens.

With many people getting low salaries which are pinned with a stray of expenses, there is always a little left to finance the purchase of our dream cars. With this, many South African citizens are forced to buy used cars, probably something that will not get them broke during the period of acquiring the vehicle.

Why you need vehicle finance with Auto Refin?

South Africa is one of the countries where the public does not have many choices when it comes to the mode of transport. Whether one needs to commute to work, school, travel, or just getting around seeing friends.

The need for one to own a car is very high, with the crime levels going higher. public transport being the hub for criminals, and a few taxis available being a little bit unreliable. One can never reliably use public transport for their business will be affected by late schedules and crime inconveniences.

With all these unfortunate mishaps, vehicle finance resembles the nearest safe alternatives that South Africans can opt for when it comes to accessing mode of transport.

Auto Refinance brings priceless financial means that South Africans can use to obtain their dream cars. Auto Refin offers a wide range of vehicle finance solutions, ranging from cars, motorbikes, trailers and caravans.

With these being offered to the South African residents who are not blacklisted. Our vehicle finance solutions are provided with a mandate to ease and reduce the cost of acquiring a vehicle every month. Also, making sure that the customers have smaller burden financial as long as instalments are considered.

Auto Refin’s vehicle finance program

Auto Refin has a wide range of schemes that were specially designed to cover a wide spectrum of your vehicle finance needs.

Auto Refinance mainly specializes in refinancing, in addition to new car finance and second hand finance.


As the term suggests, the refinancing program is done to give a refurbished vehicle finance contract to the clients who already have a payment scheme on a vehicle they are still paying for.

With most South African citizens, the larger size of monthly instalments paid to the financial institutions to acquire these vehicles is so vast that sometimes they need to be given a break to payments or have lower instalments to allow them to have something on the table.

Our refinance program helps clients who are facing difficulties in settling their instalments by paying out their remaining debt on the car and start a new contract that has very low instalments with us.


The new vehicle finance program helps the people to acquire the new vehicle of their choice from their chosen car dealers.

Auto Refin will sort out your payments with the car dealer, and we place you on a secure loan with us that you can pay over a more extended period to your abilities. Thus, we bring the lifetime opportunity for one to drive their dream car with the little they have in their bank account.


At Auto Refinance we value your car as we know it a precious asset that you have worked to acquire over some time and that’s why we always put of qualified assessors to give the best value for your car.

The second-hand vehicle finance allows clients to pick their desired second hand or used vehicle and pay it over time while realising the best value in driving it.

At Auto Refinance one is assured of accessing their required funding without any hustles. Our company believes in making vehicle finance available to the responsible and able clients making sure that we also avoid our clients getting over-indebted.

Our company works in line with the National credit act requirements at the same time, facilitating easy access to vehicle finance. The following are the requirements

All prospective clients will have to meet the following conditions before making an application for our vehicle finance


  • Have a South African identity document
  • Poses a proof of residence not older than three months
  • Proof of income
  • Earn a minimum of R8 000
  • Choose a vehicle that have a value above R30 000
  • Have a clear credit record

Applying with Auto refin

Auto Refin facilitates a simple loan application for vehicle finance, and the application can be made at our offices or online through our website.

The application process is a short and straightforward procedure that aims to collect your personal and financial documents together with the relevant documents. When one completes our vehicle finance application, the task will rest with our credit team. They will approve your finance option based on the information and documents submitted.

At Auto refinance, we take no time to delay your goals of driving your dream car. Also, with a few requirements like a short application process. Our clients will be able to move the way they desire within just three hours, and that’s what we call real vehicle finance.

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