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They say good things are expensive, and so that is true, but what happens when the right things are made affordable and more people are allowed to drive. 

About – BMW

BMW would admit that at one point in your life as a South African citizen owning the best car brand is a wish. It can never fade away unless it is achieved. Our company is driving in some of the hottest cars that the world has witnessed and it has never been this easy.

At BMW Financial services, we make sure that you drive the premium car that resembles your hard work and achievements in your life, affordable and accessible.

BMW Financial Services is a subsidiary of BMW South Africa that works exclusively to aid South African residents to acquire BMW motor vehicles affordable. Our company provides a wide variety of schemes that allow South Africans to enjoy the comfort, security and reliability of our cars at low costs. With very low instalments and no deposit, one can drive our cars for their day to day business knowing, that they are safely taken care of.

BMW has crafted a wide range of financial services that can suit your needs a secure the vehicle you need. BMW financial services provide vehicle finance to the residents who are determined to move behind the large wheels of the premium BMW models. Our services are extended to various classes of people starting from graduates, regularly employed citizens and seasoned professionals.

They say your appearance communicates much about who you are and what you can do, and these days your presence is incomplete unless it reveals what you roll around with. The BMW financial services allow the hardworking South African residents to drive and own some of the best cars the world has ever witnessed.

With our wide variety of respected models, the best perception for road performance and comfort we have. We still opt to make our brands affordable to the people who made us who we are.

Vehicle Finance Schemes with BMW?

The vehicle finance programs at BMW Finance were made in four schemes that are Graduates, Installment sale, Installment with a balloon payment and BMW edge.

These all will all allow clients to drive the car while payments are made with the rate that fits the client’s income, at the end of the payment period one will get to own their car fully, sell it, trade in or get a new one.


The vehicle finance for graduates’ scheme is meant to give a kickstart to the young professionals’ career by making them afford the right vehicle, giving them an easy option to carry out their new demanding job.

This scheme allows newly employed resident graduates to grab the cars of their own choice and start driving with no deposit or upfront payment at all.

The graduates have to be Doctors, dentists, Veterinarians, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Attorneys, Advocates, prosecutors and actuaries who have less than three years post qualification experience and at the same time falling below the age of 30.


The BMW motors are also available on instalments to our clients with good credit rating, making our cars available to them at low instalments over a more extended period.

The instalments program is available to any South African resident who meets the required criteria mentioned below. Our clients on this scheme have an opportunity to swap, trade, or sell their cars when the repayment period lapses.

Installments with Balloon

The instalment with Balloon schemes allows posing our cars to the clients who want to use their vehicles at the same pay small instalments for it.

This scheme matches those who know that their income might improve over the more extended period and they can make small payments now and a balloon payment at the end of the repayment period to complete the possession of their cars.

BMW also makes it easy for our clients to pay the balloon with the refinancing scheme for the same balloon payment, that’s one will get the opportunity to repay the balloon payment in the form of a secured loan and clear it with minimal instalments.

BMX Edge

The BMW edge is the vehicle finance option that allows the client to own a car with a deposit and small instalments throughout acquiring the vehicle.

With no limits on the vehicle using one can enjoy the freedom and comfort of the BMW cars without having to pay the high charges on an acquisition of a vehicle.

This scheme matches those who have saved a little for the purchasing of their dream cars.

BMW finance operates a responsible vehicle finance scheme that seeks to facilitate the purchasing of vehicles in a way that is not risky to both the clients and the lenders. This led to the identification of relevant conditions and requirements that abide by the National Credit Act and other financial regulation rules.

One has to meet the following conditions before making an application


  • Be a permanent resident of South Africa
  • Be employed earning a regular income above R20 000
  • Have a clear credit record (With no defaults)
  • Be banking with a South African bank, where your salary is received 

How to apply with BMW?

The BMW financial services allow prospective clients to apply for the vehicle finance options through its offices and sales agents countrywide or online through the BMW South African financial services portal.

One can simply walk in and enquire with our staff and they will be assisted with the whole application procedures. The online application process can be done from anywhere but one will need to make sure that they upload all the relevant documents that are needed to support the application.

Once one has been able to get approved for the vehicle finance they will be able to drive away their vehicle whilst making small installments over a comfortable period of time.

At BMW finance we make your dreams come true, our solutions do the talk making sure that you drive and own one of our elegant brands that will market your personality.

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