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Acquiring a vehicle of your choice in South Africa can be uneasy, given the unpredictable economic performance of the rainbow nation.

About – Cape Auto Centre

Many people are found trapped on a dilemma to either save large sums of funds preceding other life goals to purchase a vehicle. Also, face the unwelcoming conditions that the public transport sector exposes them to. One might need to own a car, but the financial means will determine if you will own one or not. 

Our company recognises that all the South African residents who commute have vast reasons for owning in a car. This is where our quest to facilitate the easy acquisition of vehicles was born out of.

The Cape Auto Centre is an automobile dealership that specialises in quality pre-owned vehicles and doubles as a vehicle finance provider. Extending its services to both individual buyers and small companies. The company operates in partnership with three major banking institutions that give a wide variety of financial resources to allow you to cover all your requirements.

The Cape Auto Centre is a company that offers vehicle finance solutions in line with the National Credit Act and other laws of South Africa. In Addition to that, our company operates to satisfy its customer needs through ethical, transparent and responsible service delivery.

We are a highly professionalised company that treats its customers with integrity. with us, all our clients will be assured of the best service despite the size of the financial engagement we enter with them.

How can The Cape Auto Centre help me with vehicle finance?

Over the past years and through our experiences of working in the motor vehicle industry. It has come to our attention that more potential customers and clients got turned away because they could not afford cars of their choice.

The higher the number of clients who could not own their vehicles, the more the living standard of the majority South Africans continue to be stifled. Also, this harms our company performance.

As a way of improving the livelihoods of the ordinary South Africans, our company have partnered with Standard Bank, ABSA and WesBank to provide vehicle finance solutions.

The Cape Auto Centre provides tangible financial solutions at your service right at the car sales venue. One gets the opportunity to choose a car of their choice and grab a vehicle finance solution at the same place. Our company offers these services to our clients who wish to purchase from our wide variety of pre-owned vehicles.

Our company offers vehicle finance in two packages, which are the personal vehicle finance and business vehicle finance programs.

Personal Vehicle Finance?

The personal vehicle finance program represents funding that gets you to drive the car of your own choice while you make smaller monthly payments, giving you the chance to own a car at the same time taking care of your other life endeavours.

The personal vehicle finance, like its name, suggests, deals with individual buyers who intend to purchase cars for personal use.

The vehicle finance option offered here will vary depending on the credit rating, your financial status, your need and model of the car you intend to purchase, for some there will need to pay a deposit, but others are also offered with zero deposit.

Business Vehicle Finance?

The business vehicle finance scheme tries to stimulate the economic growth of South African businesses through the provision of affordable vehicles that a business needs to meet corporate transport needs.

Be it from goods, staff and management cars, and the Cape Auto Centre makes it easy for your business to create its performance targets. Car finance under this section allows small business owners to buy cars under a rent to buy, hire purchase and instalment settlement.

Similar to individual vehicle finance scheme, this option has a deposit and non-deposit options to the buyers depending on their financial status and credit history.

The Cape Auto Centre seeks to provide vehicle finance responsibly and ethically.

This means that our company will provide motor vehicle finance to clients who need a car. Also, that is backed by the willingness and ability to abide by our contractual agreements. Our requirements are simply a reflection of the law and our pledge to lend responsibly.

The Cape Auto Centre vehicle finance options are available to clients who have the following documents


  • Proof of address not older than three months
  • Original identity document
  • Valid Original South African driver’s license
  • Proof of income (three months stamped bank statement or latest pay slips)
  • Copy of Spousal identity document where applicable
  • Valid work permit (applicable to foreigners only)

The Cape Auto Centre Vehicle Finance process

The Cape Auto Centre continues to make efforts in simplifying the application process for your vehicle finance option. We combine the use of technology and manual procedures in our application process.

Due to the requirement for original documents we need for one to make an application, our process could only be part online and manual submission of documents required.

Applicants can download our application forms on our website, which can be completed from home before submitting their original documents at our offices for verification. The documents will be released once captured, and the information will be processed with our credit team.

The Cape Auto Centre Vehicle Finance applicants can expect a reply within two days. When the application for finance is successful, the client will then be called in to make their choice of vehicle and draft a win-win deal with us.

With us, our clients can expect the best service as far as vehicle finance solutions are considered. Our options are real and reliable, representing authentic modern-day financial solutions.

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