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The promise we have made to our clients is a special one, having carried a lot of clients on our backs, helping them to purchase vehicles of their choice and without having to burden themselves with large financial payments.

About – Car Finance

At Car Finance, we have made a constructive promise of providing an excellent service to the South African populace as long as vehicle financial solutions are concerned. Our clients find our resume to be suitable as we manage to provide fast, easy and reliable solutions to facilitate the acquiring of the vehicle of their choices.

Over the years we have provided vehicle finance solutions to multitudes of individuals and small companies for a wide variety of vehicles ranging from motorbikes, sedans, bakkies and quality trucks.

Car Finance has more than two decades of experience in providing vehicle finance solutions. We specifically focus on private vehicle finance, but we are no exclusion to insurance, refinancing and personal loans for acquisition of vehicles.

We have developed a strong working relationship with major South African banking institutions. Which gave us the financial muscles we needed to cover large and variable needs for our clients.

With us, one gets the opportunity to pick up a car, finance and also ensure it under the same roof. Thus cutting the time and costs associated with finding a dealer and a financial institution to cover the financial gap.

Do you need a vehicle with car finance?

One cannot deny that the disposable income of an ordinary South African is marginally decreasing day by day.

Given the prevailing economic challenges, prices are ever increasingly eating up our earnings with inflation impact. Which then reduces the purchasing power of our salaries to the extent that very few South Africans can afford to pay cash for acquiring a vehicle.

Whether the car is a pre-used of brand new from the manufacturer the cost to the ordinary South African remains very high to purchase with cash and this makes vehicle finance the best alternative.

The vehicle finance solutions at Car Finance allows the clients to purchase their cars on the best credit terms. This is allowing them to use their vehicles while payments are made in small-sized instalments that avoid financial strain.

With South Africa ranked as one of the countries with a very high crime rate in public transport and streets, owning a car is not an option but a need.

The last thing that everyone wants to experience is getting delayed to work or school because of inconveniences triggered by public transport schedules. Car Finance allows you to eliminate the element of such surprises in your day to day activities.

Solutions with car finance?

Car Finance provides you with a list of valuable financial solutions that will help you to acquire and ensure your asset quickly.

We offer private financial solutions, individual loans to those who intend to purchase vehicles, refinance and vehicle sales on credit to qualifying clients.

Below is the in-depth description of our primary financial services


The private finance option is a vehicle finance scheme that is offered to clients who wish to acquire their cars from a dealer of their choice. We give our clients the independence of selecting their desired dealer and come to us to safeguard their funding requirements.

This program was specifically made to cover a full spectrum of clients as it can be accessed online from anywhere countrywide.

The private vehicle finance comes in the form of an indirect loan that we use to settle your debt with the car dealer. Instead of paying the dealer on cash, you will pay us smaller monthly instalments over a more extended period.


In most scenarios, we have people who would be looking for a fast loan amount to settle off their balloon payments or to reduce the loan instalments. These clients find us more suitable with our refinancing solution, and the car refinancing solution is a loan that is intended to clear your repayment balance on a car that you have been paying for.

This easy loan will come with lower instalments as compared to the other payments, allowing you to curb financial strain on your personal budget.


At Car Finance we also have a product called vehicle finance, this is a particular credit solution given to the clients who acquire vehicles at our car sales, these can be motorbikes, small compact cars or trucks, under this section the client buys our car, insure it and get to use it on credit.

 The vehicle finance solution allows one to pick up our car from our large pool and pay for it with equal monthly instalments over a more extended period.

Car Finance provides vehicle finance solutions to South African citizens who have regular income received through a South African bank.

Below are the basic requirements that our company requires for one to access car finance, (additional requirements might be needed depending on the type of a car and form of vehicle finance required).


  • South African national identity document
  • Valid South African driver’s license
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of Address not older than three months
  • Latest pay slip or proof of income

Winning with Car Finance?

There are three most common ways of applying for our vehicle financial solutions, with online application being the commonly used, but our clients can also apply in person at our offices or through our agent car dealers spreads countrywide.

The online application process involves one filling their details through our portal on the website before waiting for our consultants to communicate on the progress of your financial solutions.

Alternatively, our clients can fill in forms from our office or agents to facilitate them for vehicle finance with the help of the friendly staff at your nearby branch.

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