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Buying a car is one of the most significant decisions that one might be obliged to make in their lives, but the choice of where to obtain the financial means needed is even a more substantial dilemma.

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When one thinks about the more significant amounts of cash required to bring a quality vehicle home, sometimes it is beyond our financial abilities.

The larger the cash value of buying a car, the higher the need for alternative finance one needs. have made it easier for our buyers to access vehicle finance at the same place where they buy and insure. is one of South Africa’s most significant car brokers, and we work online to coordinate various buyers and sellers from different areas within South Africa. Our highly efficient website has sections that work as car classifieds, allowing people to drop in the self-generated vehicle and vehicle-related advertisements free.

Over time we managed to build our website with the combination of technology and self-motivated staff. A variety of advertisement platforms. This aided us in creating valuable leads so that up to today, car dealers and other organisations rate us better in the motor vehicle markets. In addition to this particular service to our clients, we have also made vehicle finance available for you. Also, its to easily bypass the price barrier on your plan to buy a car.

Our company also strive to give preference to customer security, because our platform uses an open-door policy where everyone can come and advertise. is regularly publishing tips to both the buyers and sellers as a way of shielding them from being victims of scammers. We give our clients tips on how they can verify the value, existence of the cars, its ownership and ultimately, the components of the sales contract.

Vehicle Finance with

In South Africa, vehicle finance is mostly offered by car dealers through the financial institutions to allow customers who cannot buy cars in cash to access alternative financial solution.

Vehicle finance is mostly available in the form of instalments, Installments with a balloon and guaranteed to buyback, and these might come with a first payment requirement (deposit) or no deposit depending on the type of a car and the credit rating of the applicant.

The most significant advantage of using vehicle finance is that one gets the chance to realise the value of having a car before they can complete payments, to the client, the vehicle under vehicle finance is mostly covered by insurance, and that’s having minimal risk of theft and accident damage.

At, we facilitate our clients to access a variety of financial services as we push to cover all the needs of our customers and clients.

Our company offers vehicle financial solutions in the form of instalment purchases, instalment with balloon, lease and guaranteed to buyback. Our vehicle finance solutions reach up to a maximum of R250 000, with the most extended period going to six years.


On our variety of quality vehicles, clients get a chance to buy their choice of vehicle with instalment payment. That is as soon as the deal is done between the buyer and the seller.

The instalment payment option might have a requirement of deposit depending on the type of the car, the credit rating of the buyer and the seller’s preferences.


The instalment with balloon payment is the direct reverse of instalment with a deposit.

When a client makes their choice of vehicle at the same time possessing the right credit scores, we allow them to a deal where they can purchase and startup with minimal monthly instalments on condition that they will make 30% of the total sales value at the last day of payment to complete the deal.


The motor vehicle lease option offered here is similar to a general lease of freehold properties and other movable assets.

Our motor vehicle lease allows one to rent a car from the owner (lessor) on a fixed monthly instalment. Unlike other financial options, the contract does not end up with the leaser possessing a vehicle. The lease is a long-term agreement of use where monthly or weekly rentals that are paid in advance (before using).

The owner of the car will still bear the responsibility of maintaining the physical elements of the vehicle. A lease agreement will be drafted to bind the two, where terms of use will be contained, and this document is legally enforceable.

The car finance offered here is a simple and easy way that one can get to drive and own a car in South Africa. With a few requirements and a short online application, one would have made a more significant step in owning a vehicle of their own.

Below are the requirements and application procedures that one will need to go through.


  • A South African Identity document
  • Valid South African driver’s license
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residential address not older than three months procedures on acquiring a vehicle?

Our Car finance options are wholly applied online, one will fill in their financial requirements in amounts and a choice of options that matches one of the above listed products.

The application will then be redirected to our list of trusted partners in vehicle finance who will reach you by call.

The applicant will then need to strike a finance deal with the financier and if they meet the requirements, they will be given the privilege to select a car from our rich list.

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