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Are you looking to obtain a new car in the foreseeable future? Constantianberg Auto is a company that has invested meaningful time in training and conducting research for all sorts of motor vehicles in South Africa.

About – Constantianberg Auto

The company prides itself with seasoned professionals that will arrange finance for purchase, insurance and mechanical solutions for your car. With years of providing quality cars, vehicle finance and automated solutions for both cars and motorcycles, Constantianberg is just the best place to source your vehicle finance solution.

Our staff are mean in providing a service that builds a long-term relationship with our clientele from the acquiring and through your service plan after repayment.

Constantianberg Auto has also partnered with large car manufacturers and finance companies that will give you a more significant deal. Also, for both your motor vehicle choice and your financial options that suits your preference. In addition to a wide range of quality vehicles on our showrooms.

Our company also works to facilitate financial inclusion through availing financial education to motorists and the general public in addition to providing motor vehicle finance options.

Constantianberg Auto believes in efficiency and quality, and for us, every activity is it service, vehicle finance or insurance purchase we make it up to the client’s expectations.

Our company places more importance on the quality than quantity, that’s for every wheel that passes through our company it leaves a trace of greatness. 

Finance options with Constantianberg Auto 


The vehicle lease option is one that a prospective client does not need to own a car to use one. The vehicle lease finance option will have a client to rent a brand new or pre-owned vehicle of their choice for a specified period.

The lease finance offered by our company will only come with the responsibility of paying the lease fees, the company will provide comprehensive cover for the car.

The lease also has rent to buy. This is when the client wants to pay amounts that will be used for partly paying the purchase price of the car. that is after the lease period the car ownership will be transferred to the lease


The hire purchase form of vehicle finance only differs with the leasing method in that, the higher purchase the client makes payments contributing to the amount of the vehicle prize rather than renting.

The hire purchase comes with equal monthly instalments that are a little bit higher than those of vehicle lease for the apparent reason that under this scheme clients will own the vehicle after the end of the repayment period.

The hire purchase clients will enjoy the value and comfort of their cars without making any initial payment, that’s the best gift for our clients.


The instalment payment scheme is the credit facility extended to clients with a good credit rating as a way of allowing them to make payments with equal monthly payments.

Under this scheme, the clients have the opportunity to transfer the ownership of their choice of cars. This will depend on your credit rating and financial status. The type and model of the vehicle that is offered under the scheme.

This form of vehicle finance will let the clients enjoy the value of their vehicles from the first month and give the clients the option to keep the car. The instalment purchase can also be branched to provide an instalment with deposit or instalment with balloon options


The instalment with deposit is the best way one can set off the risk of default by making a large initial payment for the price of the car so that they can clear with small monthly instalments with very low-interest rates.

The most significant advantage under this option is that it allows the client to have a less financial burden on future payments.


There are times that we might have an imminent need of having a car, be it for going to school, work or any other reasons, but at the same time having few funds to contribute to the purchasing or the vehicles.

The instalment with balloon is the best form of the vehicle finance option that will cover us on these conditions. The method allows one to own a car with very low instalments and be able to meet their reliable transport requirements.

Constantianberg Auto gives South Africans a greater opportunity for accessing car finance, one can make an application through our website.

The clients will be expected to fill in their personal and financial information that aligns with what is written on their documents.

The application will need to be accompanied by the following documents


  • Certified copy of South African identity document
  • Certified copy of a Valid South African drivers license
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer
  • Proof of residential address not older than three months

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