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Have you ever wondered if buying a car on a car sale that gives you both insurance and vehicle finance at the same time, a company that will not ask much about your credit rating when you intend to get vehicle finance?

About – Earn a Car

Earn A Car provides a comprehensive vehicle finance solution on top of making quality pre-owned vehicles to enrich your choices. Earn A Car provides you with affordable quality vehicles that have excellent service history and traceable reliability, ensuring that our clients access their desired preferences.

Earn A Car is a modern vehicle broker who focuses on the supply of pre-owned vehicles to the South African market. The company doubles up as a motor vehicle financial broker providing its clients with higher prospects of managing the acquisition of cars.

With over nine years of experience in buying, selling, servicing and providing financial solutions to automobile customers. Our company has grown to be one of the respected players in the industry, where one can expect to experience professional services over quality vehicles in a transparent way.

Our company operates in line with the financial regulations of the national credit act and the laws of South Africa to provide ethical and responsible business solutions transparently.

Earn A Car vehicle financial solutions cover all sections of the market from blacklisted clients to those with excellent credit rating. Also, making sure that we extend our scope and facilitate more South Africans to obtain vehicles. Our services are extended to the clients who meet our requirements at the same time portraying a character of willingness and ability to stay with the contractual arrangements.

The team of qualified and experienced professionals have devised ways of making our services clear and concise to all our stakeholders, operating with no hidden costs or information to our stakeholders.

Why use Earn A Car?

In the era that we live in today, life has become so complicated that we always find ourselves multitasked. Needing to travel from one place to another conveniently and time consciously, this makes opting for public transport somehow uneasy.  

On the other hand, obtaining a car might not be a natural choice. A regular citizen buying a car on cash is far beyond their reach, that is why people have to via for car finance options.

At our company vehicle finance is issued to clients who intend to buy from our stocks, including the clients with bad credit history.

The financial option is a secured loan that uses the same car as security in a time of default and failure to honour contractual agreements.

Earn A Car has great installment offers?

Our customers can buy their choice of vehicle on cash or choose our instalment vehicle finance option.

This option allows one to buy a car on credit and pay for the vehicle on a period of up to five years. As soon as the car is made available to the client, one will be able to drive while small monthly payments are used to settle the debt.

The instalment option will, however, require clients to make an initial payment for the administration of the contract, which also forms part of the price repayment.

Earn Car clients who choose the instalment credit option are also automatically given a chance to earn cash with our company. They are given a right to work, providing leads to the company. On every point that one makes R1 000 is paid to them, and this is one way we plough back to our customers and the community.

Earn a Car has a strong mandate in facilitating the betterment of living standards of the South African community, with that we are always making sure that our clients access motor vehicle finance with very few requirements, making it an easy, fast and reliable option.

To keep aligning with the financial regulations of the National Credit Act and our own need to mitigate the credit risk posed to our operations we have crafted a list of documents and conditions that one has to meet before applying for our vehicle finance options.

The following list portrays the conditions needed by our clients.


  • Have no criminal record
  • Be a driver with at least five years on the road
  • Have ability to pay an installment between R3 000 to R5 000 on a monthly basis
  • Be a South African citizen
  • In addition to the conditions mentioned above, applicants will need to make available the following documents during the application process.
  • Barcoded South African identity card
  • Valid South African driver’s license
  • Three months stamped bank statement from a South African bank
  • Proof of residential address
  • Latest pay slip from a current employer where one has been employed over a period of three months

Apply with Earn A Car?

There are two ways to apply for our vehicle finance option, that is to either walk in at our cars sales and our friendly staff will help you with the selection and the whole application process or personally make an online application through our website.

When one opts for online option, all the details should reflect what is written on their documents to avoid delays and dismissal from qualifying for the vehicle finance option.

Once the application has been made, the applicants can now wait for their chance to drive their best car home affordably.

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