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Purchasing a car has never been this easy, imagine having a company that supports you with a vehicle financial solution that matches your needs and conditions. Giving you advice on the best car selections.

About – Easy Car Finance

Easy Car Finance is a financial institution that specialises in all types of vehicle finance. Our services are offered to facilitate the secure purchasing of vehicles covering all models and car types that exist in South Africa. Our vehicle finance services can include small, mid-compact sized cars, bakkies and trucks.

Our company has built a robust inter-company working relationship, and this has aided in our massive growth and uncapped implementation of new ideologies in the vehicle finance area.

With a rich list of banks working as our financial partners, we have been able to provide high-value car finance. We are reaching up to a whopping R2 million on each application. Also, make sure that you have no limits to driving your dream car.

At our company, you are assured of getting the best services at all times. Also, with a large number of qualified and experienced professionals, we are always at your service when and where you need us. We work as an organisation of high ethics; our employees still have positive morale and enjoy providing the best service to you.

With Easy Car finance, one will say goodbye to delays in acquiring vehicle finance as our service beats the best. We are efficient, effective and swift with the business operations that our clients identify us with memorable and remarkable engagements.

Easy Car Finance is by itself an accredited financial institution which has accredited finance staff in addition to our partnership with large banking institutions. Also, we are the pioneers of transparency as far as financial services are concerned. The company values its clients more than any other assets it possesses, that is why the clients are always assured of receiving the royal treatment.

We offer vehicle finance from hire purchase, refinance, car loans, instalments with no deposit payments, you name it. With Easy Car finance, all your needs are efficiently taken care of easily and quickly.

Easy Car Finance vehicle finance solutions

Our products were moulded by the desire to facilitate financial inclusion and improve the living standards of ordinary South Africans through the provision of priceless financial options. It has come to our attention that unfortunately, the resources that vehicle manufacturers pull in for producing cars are costly. This has triggered the cost of vehicles out of reach for many South Africans.

The cost, however, does not push the need for having a car down as the modern lifestyle requires one to have a convenient mode of transport. Our company have alleviated several vehicle finance solutions to curb the impact of vehicle costs.

Vehicle finance represents a fast loan that facilitates one’s ability in acquiring a vehicle, in most cases, a car. This type of investment is secured with the same vehicle that one will be financing and is available to clients who have demonstrated the ability to make monthly instalments.

Our company provides vehicle finance for up to R2 million repayable over a maximum period of 6 years on a vehicle to your access from a manufacturer, dealer or an individual.

Vehicle finance comes in different forms and below are some of the major financial options:


The hire purchase option for a motor vehicle loan is a credit scheme arranged by a trader to the buyer, where the buyer enjoys the use of the vehicle while making monthly instalments to set off the price value of the car.

Similar to all other types of hire purchase on movable assets, vehicle hire purchase finance charges additional interest to the cost of the car, the driver will not transfer ownership of the vehicle into their name until the last instalment is paid.


The instalment with balloon scheme is suitable for clients who want to drive their cars for small instalments now and settle the remaining balance in one reduced large sum (Balloon) after getting used to the car and knowing its performances.

This option can be subverted with a vehicle refinance scheme if the buyer fails to secure the lump sum payment.


The instalment with no balloon spreads the full value of the vehicle evenly over the repayment period, this method is considered less risky and comes with an excellent credit rating as there is no event where one will be required to make lump sum payments.

With no deposit, our clients can opt into this scheme and start driving while paying for their vehicle over a more extended period.


The vehicle refinances scheme is a secure loan that works as a takeover on another loan that is seemingly failing due to large instalments. The refinance loan is used to pay a vehicle instalment debt to preserve the excellent credit rating and also give a relief to the borrower.

The refinance loan will come with significantly lower installments as compared to the initial debt obligation.

Vehicle finance with Easy car Finance

In order for one to acquire our vehicle finance, they should meet the application criteria before filling an online application together with required documents on the portal on our website.

Below is the list of requirements our vehicle finance options carry


  • A monthly salary above R6 500
  • Not Blacklisted
  • A South African identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of address not older than three months

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