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A car is a unique asset that people often need in its best condition, but in most scenarios, the choice of a vehicle is determined by the need backed by your financial muscles.

About – FCA Finance

Lack of finance is one uncontested barrier that people always come across in making choices that improve their living standards. Due to this reason, many people often find themselves falling behind the budget and preceding their best options.

There is nothing more disturbing than driving a mechanically unfit car. Despite how thin our budgets are, we all need reliable vehicles to secure a convenient mode of transport for our daily activities.

Finance South Africa (FCA) is a subsidiary of Wesbank South Africa that specialises in the provision of vehicle finance ranging in the form of Installments with balloon. The company has been in business for a more extended period. We are providing our clients with a variety of sections by partnering with large and respected car sales as a way of building up its goodwill.

Our company was formed with a mandate of curbing the financial shortages that deter South Africans from obtaining their choice of vehicles. This is why our vehicle loans come with little interest as 12% per annually, making sure that we stay on top of the game.

Our ethics have gained us the best perception we deserve from our clients. With our highly qualified professionals at your service, we make efficient operations that will extend vehicle funding within the required timeframes.

When it comes to vehicle finance option, FCA has the most reliable, transparent and responsible financial solutions. On every stage of our operations, we engage our clients with clear explanations of the components of our services. Also, making sure we leave no trace of hidden costs or contractual clauses that may deprive the experience of the clients.

FCA Finance and the Graduate Vehicle finance program

This is the best option for our young intellectuals. Because they have worked hard to earn the education that helps our economy to progress economically, we have also designed this option to empower them to realise their goals in time.

The graduate vehicle finance program offered is designed explicitly to university graduates who managed to complete a three-year degree within South Africa despite their country of origin we have them covered. The graduate will need to be employed by young men and women who fall below the age of 31.

The graduate vehicle finance program gives the qualifying graduates a chance to choose a vehicle of their choice. The car should, however, have an installment that they meet with their current salary budget. This option will allow one to drive their vehicle while making small payments for it on condition that they will stick to the monthly odometer limits.

The graduate option comes with insurance and can qualify for refinancing or conditional car exchange when one no longer need the brand.

FCA Finance Installments with balloon

At FCA Finance we believe that there is more value in using a quality vehicle, that is why one will earn more when they opt for our cars.

The installment with balloon option is more suitable with clients that expect to boost their financial status throughout using the acquired vehicle. This option allows one to pay minimal installments during the first years of buying the car as they realise the value of the car and ultimately make one final large sum payment which would have been significantly reduced by the preceding installments.

FCA Finance and Refinance

Due to the changes in prevailing economic conditions, one cannot be sure about what their salaries and income will be in a few years. In other situations, clients would have gone for a car finance option with a balloon, but they fail to organise a balloon payment due to reasons beyond their control. In all these situations, financial backup is needed again, the fast loan to help offset another loan.

Vehicle refinance option is a loan that we extend for clients to clear the debt on their vehicles, avoiding default. Also, repossession at the same time preserving their credit rating.

The refinance option comes with significantly low installments as compared to the initial finance option.

With the list of products mentioned above, our company makes sure that South African citizens realise their life goals quickly and easily. We have made our criteria so ordinary to allow more comprehensive coverage for our products.


  • Regular income
  • Possess a Valid South African driver’s license
  • Three-months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address not older than three months.

Below are the stages that our clients will go through to access the vehicle finance option.


The application for vehicle finance with FCA will need one to be employed earning a regular income, possess a Valid South African driver’s license, a three-months stamped bank statement and a proof of residential address not older than three months.


The application is done online on the application portal found on the website. One will need to fill in their personal and financial information, making sure the names and facts match the information presented by documents.


When the vehicle loan application has gone successful one will be contacted by one of our consultants to do the final contractual arrangements. The applicant will be guided in making the loan agreements before their car finance is availed to them. In these easy few steps one will be able to drive their best car.

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