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Gone are the days when one would need to spare years of saving up to buy a vehicle which could sometimes be outdated by the time one source adequate funding.

About – Finance 27

The traditional forms of finance had little to no remorse for clients who intended to buy cars on credit. Only people with great jobs would be seen opting for the then high-risk traditional hire purchase method which could be equivalent to modern day money laundering.

With the coming of technology and the emergence of companies like Finance 27, vehicle finance started to have a wider variety of schemes and options offered on ethical practices.

Finance 27 is a vehicle finance provider with a long history of providing investment to the purchase of motorbikes in South Africa. After being formed initially to facilitate the riders’ choices, Finance, 27 was acquired by Wesbank over three years period. It was through that experience when the company ventured in the financial services for all vehicles.

Our car finance coverage now stretches form bikes, small cars, bakkies and trucks making sure that there is enough for our large number of clients who come to us with various needs.

Why come to Finance 27?

Imagine yourself being a customer to a company that can allow you to choose a car, insure and drive away without making any deposit. Finance 27 takes motor vehicle finance to another level, coming from a small motorbike enterprise in Vereeniging, growing to be one of the most respected companies. We have stuck to providing quality, efficient and quick service.

With Bike Finance quality is determined by our ability to provide a car, finance and insure to exceed the expectations of our customers positively. Doing that in a quick and efficient service has also given us a more significant advantage and economies we needed to enrich the communities through vehicle finance.

The intensive uptake of technology by the communities and the business world has brought with it several complications ranging from scammer websites to hackers of financial information. With these actively preying on people’s hard-earned money, one cannot just risk taking any website that has an unproven address and working history.

Finance 27 have made intensive financial researches and practical engagements with large financial institutions that facilitate vehicle finance. Also, making sure that through transparency, everyone who deals with us emerges as a winner.

Finance 27 offers

Installments with deposits

The installment with deposit is a faster way one can own a car with Finance 27, and this option allows clients to walk in our car sales and choose a car, pay a portion of the price and drive away.

Our clients under this option will make small monthly installments for their vehicles while enjoying a comprehensive insurance cover.

Installments without deposits

The installment without deposit is a great way to buy your vehicle at the same time, putting no pressure on your financial budget. One gets the chance to finance a car with equal monthly installments that will offset the debt balance on your vehicle.

The option makes sure that the repayments are evenly distributed on the payment period.

Hire Purchase

The hire purchase option presents one of the less risky methods of vehicle finance to our customers who have an excellent credit rating. The hire purchase option allows you to buy your dream car with a small installment paid throughout your choice.

Under the hire purchase, the ownership of the car is only transferred when the last instalment has been settled.

Installments with balloon

This option is the best match for those who want to have very low installments at the earlier years of using their cars and make one large payment at the end of the term.

The balloon payment scheme works inversely with the deposit option, and this is an excellent way for one to enjoy the benefits derived from using their car while making small payments.

Refinance Option

A refinance loan in simple terms is a loan of a loan, that is a credit stretched to customers to allow them to clear their debts, it can either be with the same company or with another company.

The refinance option aids clients in shielding against default and reducing pressure on their financial resources.

The Bike Finance vehicle finance solutions are the most concise with just procedures one will get to drive their car home.

The procedures are arranged in the following manner:


  • Application
  • Documentation
  • Contract
  • Application

The application is made by filling a short form that is obtained through our website, it is basically a small questionnaire that collects your information.

  • Documentation

The documentation should be sent after an application is made. The documents will need to include, an identity document, proof of residential address, driver’s license, a three months stamped bank statement and a latest pay slip.

  • Contract

When the applicant is successful the last stage will be accepting and signing the contracts of terms for the vehicle finance and from there you will know that your needs are taken care of as far as funding is concerned.

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