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Investec is a specialist bank that has been established in South Africa for more than four decades ago, the company majors in distinctive investment undertakings that include asset management and vehicle finance.

About – Investec

Over the experience of operating in the country, the company has gained a greater insight into the needs and requirements of South African citizens, bringing more ease to the financial problems faced by the populace.

Investec, as a significant financial institution, has partnered with both small firms and large corporations in a bid to extend its services to all corners of our societies. We are fostering both financial inclusion and economic development at all levels.

In providing vehicle finance, Investec operates under strict guidelines of the companies code of principles which restrict the activities to be ethical, efficient and transparent. Our highly qualified and qualified personnel will always ensure our clients receive the best service, delivering a non-segregating and equitable exercise for the demands of our customers.

Our staff will always ensure that our promises are honoured and the clientele receives the best value for their money with an engagement that starts with clearly explained procedures. Detailing all the service specifications and parameters.

With Investec, the car finance options will come simultaneously with insurance and bonuses to the clients who perform well.

Investec vehicle finance will give you more than just funding to purchase a car. When clients choose to finance their cars with Investec, they are assured of comprehensive insurance cover, best service plan, discount bonuses. Also, on payments made early and a specified credit shortfall cover in times when your account doesn’t have enough to settle your installment.

That is Investec gives you more value for your money. Making sure your engagement with us secures your life easy when it comes to acquiring and maintaining your vehicle.


The decision to opt for Investec vehicle finance option is a major one and a life-changing step that South African residents can make.

Our company will expose you to a wide array of best vehicle finance options. Also, giving you an informed decision to choose one that best suits your needs and conditions. Our friendly staff are always willing to walk with you in making your decision. Be it from selecting the type vehicle to the last day of making your installments.

With Investec Finance, one will have the choice of the following finance options offered from any of our branches, car dealers and agents


The vehicle loan represents a form of secured credit extended to both individual and corporate lenders to facilitate and cover the financial gap that they might be experiencing in acquiring cars, be it from small vehicles, bakkies and trucks, Investec will get you covered.  

The finance is offered to settle the full vehicle price for an easy loan that a client will repay with equal monthly installments over a specified term, depending on the cost of the car and the installment sizes that the client is willing to pay.

The vehicle loan works as any general loan, but because the loan is secured and it has low credit risk, Investec Finance offers this product at unbelievably low-interest rates.


Depending on your needs and abilities, our company also extend a hire purchase option to the clients.

The significant difference between hire purchase payment and other vehicle finance options is that the client will not transfer the ownership of the car into their hands before the term or clearance of the debts. With the higher purchase method, the car will be in the hands of the company, while the client uses it on specified conditions until the payments are cleared.

This option will have relatively low installments, and more people who intend to switch on between vehicles can have a chance of driving newly released cars when they opt for another plan.

3. Installments with Deposits

When you have a feel for making a large initial payment and enjoy reduced monthly installments over the repayment term, the installment with deposit is the best vehicle finance option that suits you.

With this method, one makes a significant step of owning their car in the early stages of the term which will have a more substantial impact on the interest rates, size and sometimes the length of the repayment period.

4. Installments with Ballon

The installment with balloon is the most common with low budget clients, those who have low funds but need owning a vehicle.

Although this option is available to clients who have a good credit rating, it allows one to own a car with minimal payments. Imagine taking your car home with an amount just above one-thousand rands.

The clients who opt for this option will have an obligation for one large payment at the end of the repayment tenure to close their contracts.

Our clients will be required to pass all the requirements before they can make an application for our vehicle finance solutions.

With some cars there might be additional requirements, but below we have listed the general requirements for one to access our vehicle finance solutions.


  • Be a permanent resident of South Africa, with regular income received through the Bank
  • Have no legal obligations related to sequestration or debt reviews
  • Own a valid South African drivers license
  • Be able to provide proof of residence that was issued in less than three months time
  • Provide a three months stamped bank statement
  • Provide all other relevant documentation for your identification and financial information

Applying with Investec

Investec vehicle finance solutions are highly accessible from every urban centre in South Africa, car dealers, manufacturers, and other financial institutions will offer a line for one to make an application for our vehicle finance.

Our vehicle finance is primarily accessed by making an application through a website or visiting any of our branches near you. As soon as your application is successfully received, our staff will reach you with the vehicle finance option and provide you with guidance through to acquiring your vehicle.

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