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The best way to buy a car in the 21st century is with an option that present one with an opportunity to own their modular asset without going through any hustles.

About – Moto Lease

With the high demand and need for a quality vehicle going up. The cost of cars has also been triggered to go up with more and more companies unwilling to reduce the prices to the level where the majority can afford.

Motor vehicle finance is by far the most desirable way of purchasing cars to ordinary South Africans. Motor Lease strives to make vehicle finance easy for South African citizens through the provision of an ethically motivated loan facility to easy up your process in acquiring a car.

Motor lease empowers the South African citizens from all corners of the nation, delivering the best quality finance option with a more significant concern for relevancy. Our company priorities the security of its clientele. Also, making sure that their information is not found in the hands of many.

Our vehicle finance solutions are effective and efficient in putting a stop to the car finance barriers that deter you from effectively carrying on your daily activities.

At Motor Lease, we believe in automobiles, cars that play a vital role in our lives. So they should be easier to access as this will also have a significant impact on economic growth. Our finance products allow individuals with low credit ratings and those from underprivileged backgrounds to own vehicles at the same time, facilitating our pledge for financial inclusion.

Vehicle finance also takes into consideration the state of applicants as we measure the ability and willingness of the customers to live by the easy loan requirements. We strike a balance between one’s income and expenditures to come up with an excellent rating to assure lending responsibility at all levels of business.

Motor lease, as its name suggests, was born out of leasing motor vehicles and moved on to offer other types of motor vehicle finance. We pride ourselves with the lowest interest rates and most mild conditions in the section of vehicle finance.

Our company offers a wide range of products ranging from lease finance, installment vehicle loans, installments with discount and installments with balloon payment. These vehicle finance solutions will be offered simultaneous with insurance, giving our clients the best value for their money.

Below are the major products offered by our company

Lease Finance with Moto Lease

Lease Finance is a vehicle finance method that allows one to rent a car for a more extended period while making payments for it. The lease finance options come in two forms, and one can choose a rent to buy an alternative or a rental option that have no ownership at the end.

One needs to make a contract with the lessor where an agreement on the amount and the period of the lease. Also, to allow the lessor to realise the benefits of the car.

A lease is a much simpler and cheaper way for one to use a call as the payments will be low, considering that no change of ownership takes place at the end of the term.

The installment vehicle loan at Moto Lease

The installment vehicle loan is the best way to facilitate the purchase of your dream car by spreading your loan obligations equally over the loan period. This option is offered separately from your vehicle dealer, and our company will extend credit that is meant to settle the vehicle purchase price for a car you acquire from a dealer of your choice.

The vehicle finance is a loan secured by the car under the purchase, offered over a more extended period with low-interest rates and installments.

Moto Lease offers Installments with Discount?

Our company also makes it easy for people with bad credit and others who have enough to settle offset the deposit element giving an advantage over the future installments, which will be significantly reduced.

This product is offered with a variety of vehicles on our floors, and the clients are not limited on the number of deposits they can make, allowing our clients to tailor their six and term of the contract to their specifications.

Moto Lease explians how it is done

There are two ways to obtain finance from our company, and the first way is to buy a car from our floors and seek funding in term of lease finance or make a credit payment deal either with deposit or no deposit depending on your credit standing, the type and cost of the car.

An alternative is to find a car dealer of your choice and engage us for the relevant funding needed, the following steps will need to be taken

All the applications for our motor vehicle finance will have to meet the following conditions and have the relevant documents to support the conditions.


  • Be a permanent resident of South Africa
  • Valid South African drivers license
  • Proof of residence not older than three months
  • Regular income that is received through a South African Bank in your name

Apply with Moto Lease?

Find a car from any dealer, manufacturer or individual seller of your choice. The dealer should or seller should be able to provide with car documentations to verify the existence of the car with a serious intent to sell.

Make an online application through our website, as soon as the application gets successful, we will send our assessors to check the vehicle before granting a loan.

The final stage will involve one signing a contract of terms with us before funds are made to be available in the bank account provided.

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