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We all live in a world where we dream of owning something bigger, something that we will be proud of by just taking a look at it or talking about it to friends. 

About – Old Mutual

In reality, dreams without the relevant financial muscle will remain dreams and fail in a manner that seemingly makes the dreamer a goalless individual.

In South Africa, many people had the dream of buying their favourite cars in times when cars would still be valuable. Unfortunately, many of these dreams suffered a stillbirth; many citizens never had the chance to initiate the type of life that they wanted to live.

The cost of motor vehicles in Africa has become out of reach for the populace. With South Africa individually leading in the price of motor vehicles despite the higher numbers of supply, the cost of automobiles has defied the theories of economics. The ever-fluctuating economy of our country has become unable to sustain salaries that match the right living standards and values of essential commodities in many communities.

In the same environment, it is living a life that is dependent on public transport. Also, it has proven to be hard with the unreliable changes in schedules triggered by a mechanical breakdown and public picketing.

Why Old Mutual?

Vehicle finance has emerged to be the best alternative to South African citizens who intend to buy cars for their daily use. Vehicle finance options are financial initiatives made by car dealers and financial organisations, including banks, to facilitate vehicle purchase by citizens through a secured credit system to customers.

The vehicle finance options come in a wide range of services ranging from leasing, hire purchases, installment payments and rent to buy options. All these will allow the clients to own ownership of a vehicle that they will Also be using, after making a small payment or nothing, with an agreement to settle the purchase.

Old Mutual is one of Africa’s large investment organisations, with a known impact from banking to corporate investments. Coming with substantial financial resources, the institution also provides services of motor vehicle finance to the South African clientele.

With our highly qualified and experienced staff, our company is always innovating new ways of improving the living standards of South Africans.

The company provides vehicle finance with that range from refinancing schemes, hire purchase, leases, installment purchases, among others. These services are offered in a bundle with insurance and service plans and as a way of making the life of a motorist easier.

The Old Mutual group gives you more than just car finance. Looking into our package, one can understand how the company has pioneered financial inclusion within the South African environment.

It is the best of our knowledge that we appreciate the importance that motor vehicles play in our lives. That is cars have become more than just a need in our lives as they are part of the technological uptake we need to better our living standards.

With Old Mutual, one will get the best option for vehicle finance, whatever the form of vehicle finance.

When it comes to sourcing vehicle finance, Old Mutual is one of the service providers who understand the needs and knows exactly when and how to get you covered.

We place much importance on the quality of service we offer, but we do not ignore the time factor on your requirement.

In applying for a vehicle finance option, one will get to do it in a comfortable, secure and fast way, the process which your documents and information is confidentially kept.

Below are the steps that our clients need to take to acquire our vehicle finance solutions.

1. Prepare your documents

The Old mutual group seeks to facilitate a category of clients who have a willingness and ability to stand by the vehicle finance solution terms and conditions, and these are residents of South Africa, who earn a regular income that is received through a bank account.

Besides, these people will also have to be licensed drivers in South Africa. To prove these conditions, the applicants will need to prepare the following documents for the application process.


  • South African identity document
  • Valid South African driver’s license
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip form the current employer
  • Proof of residential address that is not older than three months

2. Submit an Application

Making an application is the most important part of sourcing vehicle finance; the application can be made at any of our branches or online.

The Old Mutual group also have several agencies, manufacturers and car dealers that facilitate the application of or vehicle finance options. 

The most crucial part in making a vehicle finance application is to ensure that the information you enter on the application forms align with what is written on the documents as this will improve your chances of sourcing vehicle finance.

3. Your offer with Old mutual

As soon as the application for the vehicle finance has been done with credit assessment from our team, one will be assigned with a financial adviser who will take you through the process of making contractual agreements and finally purchasing of your vehicle.

Your offer will represent the true and fair representation of your credit standing that will show the finance options you are eligible to obtain and which you have the right to choose from.

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