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Reeds finance is a lending institution that was formed with a mandate of providing effective motor vehicle finance solutions to the South African citizens cheaply and easily.

About – Reeds

The company focuses on improving the livelihoods of South Africans by availing finance for new Opel and Isuzu models to the qualifying clientele, in addition to financial options offered for other types of vehicles, only for pre-owned cars.

The company have a long working history with large vehicle dealers that will give you a wider variety of cars to cover the different choices of our clientele.

Reeds responsibly provide vehicle finance, making sure that the financial solutions are issued to the clients who can handle financial obligation. Also, measuring from their willingness and ability to repay.

Our company recognises the importance of responsible lending in that any car finance issued to the irrelevant individuals will cause more harm than the intended benefit. Similar to loans, vehicle finance if released to the wrong market can trigger clients to be over-indebted, making them worse off by repossessing the asset.

At Reed’s finance, we seek to make a positive impact on the communities that operate; that is why we will not partake in any potentially predatory financial lending practice.

Reeds finance is a fully registered motor vehicle dealer and credit service provider that observes the South African laws. The company draws its working ethics and financial activities from the principles provided by the National Credit Act (NCA).

Our clients are assured of the right vehicle finance deals that are issued in collaboration with large financial institutions. At Reed’s finance, we also strive to ensure transparency at all levels of our operations. After realising that vehicle finance is one complicated is for clients to grasp how the financial payments are brought up. Our company has invested more in client education, making sure that we are clearly on the same track with our stakeholders.

The vehicle finance option at Reed’s finance brings the best exposure to our clients. Our company will make our clients realise how unique our services are. Our vehicle finance options will present one with a well-stocked showroom, with a large variety of new and high quality used vehicles. Our company is also a more magnificent centre for one to make applications to their preferred financial institutions.

Comprehensive insurance quotes, service plans accompany the vehicle finance we offered with extended periods. This will all be done by highly qualified and experienced staff who have bridged mechanical and financial knowledge.

Reeds Finance understands that vehicle finance clients are looking for funding; that is why we do not charge any upfront costs. With us, you walk in and get assisted free of charge.

At Reeds Finance the following products will be easily available for you to get:

Reeds Installment Purchase

Our vehicle finance option through the installment purchase is a credit facility issued to customers who explicitly opt for our new Opel and Ford cars.

The instalment purchase allows one to own and start driving their vehicle without a deposit. Also, depending on the type of the car and the credit rating of the applicant. This vehicle finance option allows one to make equal monthly installments from the beginning to the end of the repayment period.

Reeds Hire Purchase

Most clients regard the hire purchase plan as the less risky in the sense that the installments will be relatively low as compared to other forms of credit. The hire purchase makes avails one of your preferred vehicles, with a deposit or no deposit depending on the type of car and the credit rating of the applicant.

With the higher purchase option, the car will remain our property until the last installment is made as this is when the client can transfer ownership into their name. The hire purchase plan does not have an immediate change of ownership, which makes it easier to acquire as there are little procedures for credit assessment.

This makes it suitable to clients who have immediate needs of using the car.

Reeds Installment with Balloon

The installment with credit form of vehicle finance is the favourite to the clients who want to enjoy extremely low installments at the same time using their vehicles.

This option is extended to clients with a slightly higher credit rating to mitigate the chances of defaulting on the balloon payment. The client will enjoy and realise the value of the car before making a large-step in clearing payment of the vehicle, that is the balloon payment.

Our company makes it easier for clients to acquire our services, our requirements are nothing more than a true representative of legal and responsible lending requirements.

The company has set up the following checklist for prospective applicants.


  • South African identity document
  • Valid South African drivers license
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest payslip from the current employer
  • Proof of residential address

Reeds Application for vehicle finance

Reeds Finance have branches all over South Africa, making sure that our clients will get their services near their homes.

The application can be done at any of our branches or through our agents who also do assessments on our behalf. The applicants can alternatively apply for our loans online through our website.

As soon as the application is successful, our consultant will contact you with our high valued offer, that’s Reeds  Finance at the best of your service.

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