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One of Africa’s largest financial institutions, the Standard bank presents you with excellent financial solutions to finance the purchase of your dream car.

About – Standard Bank

The Standard bank, which is one of the major banking institutions in Africa brings priceless opportunities to prospective South African vehicle owners with various forms of vehicle finance.

In line with its mandate of facilitating the economic progression of South African society, the company has made available vehicle loans, lease finance, hire purchase and refinance options to all those who have regular income and need to own vehicles.

The Standard Bank recognises the role played by motor vehicles in modern life. It has become almost impossible for one to live without the aid of motor vehicles. These machines facilitate the transportation of all goods and supplies we need for our daily survival.

The need to purchase a car might not be there now, but it is what everyone experiences at one point in their lifetime. The unfortunate element is that when the need to purchase a vehicle becomes imminent. It might not always be matched by the financial muscle for one to do it right there. T

his is when the need for vehicle finance arises, and the Standard Bank will be there as a reliable answer.

Most motor vehicles that are sold in Africa, South Africa, included come with very high costs. As the producers will be trying to recoup the production and operational costs. Because motor vehicles are imported as parts and assembled in Africa, the prices will be relatively higher than it is in nations where the pieces are manufactured.

This harms the African vehicle owners, where the prices of motor vehicles are always very high above the average earnings of an ordinary citizen. At Standard Bank, we are continuously implementing solutions for reducing the effect of high prices on the South African citizens.

This is the reason why we made the following options available


Accessing a vehicle finance solution at Standard bank does not lock someone in a fixed contract. Our contractual terms vary from client to client, as long as the service fall within our operational limits.

Our clients can choose the length of their repayment period by either reducing or increasing the installments they want to pay at the beginning of the contract.

The length of your repayment period will depend on the size of your installment. The larger the installments, the shorter your repayment period becomes and so vice-vase for smaller installments.


At Standard Bank, we reward clients according to their performance based on the credit rating that our team perform.

It would be unfair for us to charge clients with differing credit ratings, loan sizes and repayment periods the same interest rate. Your interest rate is made by your credit performance and will depend on your fast loan size, installment sizes and the length of the repayment.


Our company recognises that some of the clients might feel that the car is a little bit old for their preferences at the end of the repayment period. Hence they might not want to continue with after using it for five years or so.

Our company have a liquid market for your car, as long as the vehicle will be useful you will be assured of a ready market for it. Once you are done with paying for your vehicle and need to sell it, our professional valuers will assign a market value for your vehicle and place it for sale.

You will be assured of receiving a large sum of money, which is an excellent way of saving your funds.

When you feel like keep moving with the trending vehicle models, something that will always match your class. The standard bank gives also presents its clients with another option of trading in the old car for a new vehicle.

The trade in will have the market value of the old car to cancel part of the price of the new price. That means you will be left with a small amount to pay, and this amount can be set off with a loan. Also, with very low-interest rates, monthly installments on a short repayment period.

The Standard bank has initiated a self-service function where our clients can determine the service that matches them and apply for a loan in the comfort of their homes.

The applicants can make an application upon fulfilling the following conditions and have the relevant documents


  • Be permanently employed where you earn regular income
  • South African identity document (bar coded identity card or book)
  • Valid South African drivers license
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address that is not older than three months
  • Latest pay slip form the current employer where one has worked for more than three months

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