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Life is all about attaining goals, and everyone is born and grow with a dream of achieving something, or owning something at one point in their lifetime.

About – Velocity Cars

The goals and achievements we set for ourselves represent how successful or progressing our life. It’s our measure, and it represents an instinct for human beings, even animals do have their dreams though we might not be familiar with them.

One of the best things that could happen on the course of attaining our goals in life is having these goals fast-tracked and be able to achieve them sooner than we expected. Wow! That will be awesome with anyone.

Owning a new car is one of the life goals many South Africans have, however with the massive amounts that new cars cost, the dream of owning a new vehicle is one which is always distant from the reach of many.

Did you know that velocity cars present you with the opportunity to fast forward your dream into reality? Velocity cars afford all South African citizens with regular income a chance to buy their dream cars. Through our list of vehicle finance options, our clients can, within a day, be able to drive their dream car home.

Our company seeks to put an end to the goals by making them a reality of owning the right cars with our ethical, effective and responsible vehicle finance options.

Velocity cars is an established South African vehicle dealer, operating with a large number of modern and quality new and second-hand vehicles, the company is counted next to none.

At velocity cars, one is welcomed by our friendly staff to our showroom stocks that will give you the impression backed by the reality of the best wheel performance. Velocity cars have been tried and tested by the best mechanical staff that have assured that quality will never desert our showrooms. Bringing the best experience that South Africans deserve on the wheel.

Our cars are available to South Africans with various finance options. Besides, the company has also partnered with significant finance and insurance providers as a way of easing up your experience with our cars.

Velocity cars have the following vehicle finance options to the prospective clients

Hire Purchase with Velocity Cars

The higher purchase vehicle finance solution is offered to clients with good credit rating at the same time with a need to pay low installments for the car that they can drive now and own at the end of the repayment period.

The hire purchase option has an equal, fixed monthly installment from the first to the end of the repayment, the vehicles under this option will be covered by comprehensive insurance giving a more secure finance option to our clients.

Velocity Cars and installment credit

The installment credit option to vehicle finance will have no deposit or balloon payment. It is a vehicle finance option available also to clients with an excellent credit rating. The credit installment payment method allows one to walk into our showrooms and pick the choice of their vehicle, immediately change ownership and take it home.

The installment option comes with equal monthly payments from the first month to the last month of driving.

Velocity Cars and installments with deposits

When it comes to vehicle finance, some clients have a feel of making very low installments after making a big step (deposit) payment for the possession of their cars.

The deposit payment contributes to the amount of the price of the car hence having a material impact on the size of monthly instalments that one will be paying. The most significant advantage that deposit vehicle finance method presents to clients is that they will get insurance cover for all accidents, mechanical and theft-related damages to their cars during the time of repayment.

Velocity Cars and Vehicle Loans

Vehicle loans are secured personal loans that our partner financial institutions provide to our prospective clients.

These are loans that will be used to settle the vehicle price, and the client will pay the financier over a specified period and interest rates.

These fast loans come with very low-interest rates because they have relatively low risk than other unsecured loans. Vehicle loans are issued exclusively for the purchase of motor vehicles as the financial institution will only settle the car price. So that the funds cannot be diverted to other uses.

Velocity cars make it easier for South African to acquire vehicle finance, the company aligns its client assessment process to the requirements of the national credit acts and the principles of responsible credit provision.

These have resulted in the following requirements


  • South African identity document
  • Valid South African drivers license
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address that is not more than three months
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer where one have worked for more than three months

Applying with Velocity Cars

The application for vehicle finance can be done either online or from our company premises.

One will need to fill in their personal and financial information before submitting their application together with the list of required documents.

Once the applications are received by our credit team, the client will receive a quick update and directions on how they will need to come and get their vehicle.

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