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In the modern world, buying a car of your choice does not have to take the primitive form of spending a couple of years saving large sums of money.

About – Wp Motors

Striving to survive on a skinny budget to buy a car that might be taken or out of style by the time you have enough to settle for it. Have you ever wondered if a place where you can acquire a motor vehicle of your choice at no deposit, with shallow requirements and favourable interest rates?

Well, that company will be nowhere else than WP Motors.

The company offers a wide range of products that are internally facilitated of part of the schemes of financial inclusion by some of its partner financial institutions. With us, one will find secure vehicle finance options that range from, hire purchase, rent to buy, and installment credits.

The installment credit payment schemes are offered in three forms where one can choose installment with a deposit payment, installment with balloon or installment without both deposit and balloon.

Why WP Motors?

WP Motors is an established car dealer who specialises in the provision of all makes of high-quality pre-owned vehicles.

The company gives its clientele a choice of a car from luxurious showrooms that are fully stocked with sedans, hatchbacks, bakkies and double cabs. These cars are offered with varying financial options from a list of financial partners that will ensure you with an easy way to acquiring your choice of vehicle.

WP Motors provides vehicle finance in partnership with large and established financial institutions that include ABSA, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Wesbank and IFMAS. Also, making sure that our clients can choose the best vehicle finance option.

WP Motors is a fully registered credit services provider which always align its work with the laws, customs and practices of South Africa.

The company bases much of its credit operations on the guidance provided by the national credit act (NCA). Our services are produced ethically and responsibly where quality is also ensured at each level and type of the service supplied in line with our goal of being the one stop shop for motor vehicles and vehicle-related supplies.

WP Motors values its customers as they represent the tools that the company needs to contribute to a positive economic change through vehicle finance.

Vehicle Finance with WP Motors

When it comes to vehicle finance, WP motors represent a champion of transparency from the point of application, processing and repayment of your vehicle finance option.

Our company has a vast number of qualified and experienced staff. The company has always made it an obligation to make all the procedures clear and concise to our clients whom we regard as significant stakeholders in our business.

The company employs the use of secure finance methods, simple interest applications that are easily understood by anyone. Our staff will make sure that one does not engage in our services without a clear understanding of what they are engaging in.

Options with WP Motors

Vehicle finance options offered by WP motors represent a more accessible but responsible form of finance that one can ever get.

People are dragged to poverty and unfortunate over-indebtedness due to the massive loans.

At WP Motors, our staff are specialists of responsible lending, and they will grant credit services to the right clientele. That is our assessments will seek to reveal the clients with a real need for car loans, that is backed up by the willingness and ability to stick to the vehicle finance covenants.

WP Motors engage in its practices by way of striking a balance between financial inclusion and responsible lending, and this has made us achieve a win-win situation with our stakeholders.

There are three steps that one has to go through to obtain vehicle finance with our company. These steps are all needed to facilitate legal requirements, principles of responsible lending and finally facilitate our internal credit assessment.

The steps will include requirements checkup, using the finance calculator and concluding by making an application.

Our clients will need to wait for fewer than twenty-four hours before they will be sourced with a relevant financial solution.

Below are the following steps the clients should take:


  • Bar coded South African identity document
  • Valid South African drivers license
  • Proof of residential address not older than three months from the date of issue
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay-slip from the current employer where you have been employed for more than three months

WP Motors Finance Calculator and application Process

Our clients will also need to make use of our finance calculator that is accessed from our website.

The finance calculator will guide one in making the relevant type and size of the fast car loan. This will ensure that our credit team will process your application fast and easy.

The applications are made online through the application portal on our website. The clients are required to fill in the forms with their financial and personal information as it is on their documents.

The clients will also need to submit the supporting documents before they can submit the whole application and wait for their vehicle finance option.

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