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If we all admit that the working people sometimes run out of credit, with their bank accounts reflecting a zero or insufficient balances to perform some of the essential transactions.

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We can all agree that there is a higher need to have resourceful credit cards which allow bankers to spend money ahead of earning it.

ABSA bank provides South Africans with a wide range of credit cards, and these cards will allow applicants to realise what it means to have financial freedom.

Our credit cards are individual cyclical credit facilities that give credit card holders a chance to spend money without having to go through applications.


ABSA credit cards have been in the South African market for quite a long time, and each day brings an additional service which adds up vale to the credit cards.

The bank provides credit cards that come in four categories. Which are everyday use credit cards, exclusive credit cards, Co-branded credit cards and student credit cards? Under each of these categories, there are various types of credit cards that will give access to credit for people with a minimum income of R3 500. Also, with credit that goes beyond R3 000 000 depending on credit scores and client’s status.

ABSA credit cards bring vast financial opportunities and shape the way banking activities are done in South Africa.


The ABSA credit cards will allow holders to have vast amounts of funds for free when they can make repayments within the grace period provided.

Similar to most credit cards issued with other firms, our credit cards come with a 55-day grace period. A period which is enough for people to withdraw money and gain value from the use of financial services.

ABSA credit cards are a great alternative to quick loans, short-term loans and personal loans to the holders as they afford you with a cheap financial credit over a short time. The credit cards can be used to cater for the immediate financial needs free of charge.


ABSA credit cards rule the race in South Africa, thus our services are the benchmark of many other financial institutions.

ABSA credit cards are the ones which offer the most significant financial credit to individuals in South Africa. The bank will give you loans that are in line with your earnings, allowing users to access millions of funds without having to make applications.

In addition to that our interest rates are by far the cheapest in the nation, we provide credit card services with costs that can go as low as 2.1 % per annum. There is nowhere in South Africa where you can obtain such low-interest rates on an unsecured credit than with ABSA.


Your ABSA credit card comes with no initiation fees, unlike other financial institutions who charge clients before obtaining the card, we do charge nothing. Upon receiving ABSA credit cards, users will be entitled to monthly service fees.

The service fees are small and financially insignificant figures that come in various amounts depending on the class of credit cards that the client is using.

In addition to that, interest rates will only be charged to clients who fail to repay their dues within the 55-day grace period. Our interest rates will be based on the balance due on the grace period, and the rates will vary depending on the credit scores and the amounts which will be outstanding.

Our credit card application criteria work similarly with loans, student finance and other related personal finance services.

The bank will need applicants to be employed and be South African residents who are above the age of 18 years. The applicants should have their incomes received through the banking system.

In addition to that applicants will need to submit the following documents during their application


  • South African national identity document or a valid South African driver’s license
  • Three months’ stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address not older than three months
  • Three latest pay slips from the current employer


ABSA credit cards can be applied either online or at one of our branches which are spread countrywide. All that applicants need to do is to meet the application requirements before filling their information on the application forms.

The applicants will also be required to submit their documents before reading, understanding and signing of the ABSA credit card terms of use. Once an application has been successful, the applicant will be notified through an email, SMS and call from one of our consultants.

With that, the ABSA credit card will be available for collection at one of our branches upon the production of an identity document by the applicant.

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