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Discovery Credit Card

Discover the world with our wide range of financial services that stretch from holiday packages, medical, insurance, credit cards and other financial services.

About – Discovery Credit card

Our services are what our people need to smoothen the flow of their daily lives, and this is why our offers are simply irresistible.

The Discovery group allows bankers to have access to a vast amount of credit services, from a system that is reliable with shallow charges as compared to other players in the market.

The role we play in the issuing of credit cards has shaped the way banking and other financial services are done in South Africa, and this is why everywhere you go within the nation we will cover you up.


We support tourism, health, business and finance, this is why our credit cards will aid you on any of those and related solutions.

Our credit cards allow you to fund your activities ahead of earning with amounts that go up to R250 000 depending on the credit score and the type of the card you hold.

The company issues two different types of credit cards, which are the gold and platinum credit cards. For each of the cards, clients will access a variety of credit services and varying amounts of cash on your expeditions.


For every type of financial activity, there is a bank or financial institution which will be deemed most fit for the operation.

The Discovery credit cards on top of being usable on all other shopping and payments around the nation, they come with bonuses on holidays and leisure events. The Discovery credit card will give you a maximum of 20% cashback on booking holidays, giving you affordable and quality service on your time out.

The Discovery credit card also comes with bonus miles; these are bonus credits that can accumulate and allow clients to buy their choice of products. On every transaction of R15 you make, you get a Discovery mile reward.


Our cards do not come with costs attached to them, and they are a privilege that is serviced by an insignificant amount every month.

Unlike other credit cards that will need applicants to pay large sums to obtain a card, ours come with zero initiation fees. Our services fees are flat monthly deductions of R59, and that is all you will pay.

The Discovery credit card will allow users to go for a 55-day grace without paying any interests. Interests are only levied on accounts that fail to be settled within the grace period, and these interests come in variable amounts depending on the credit scores of the user. Our interest rates will fluctuate below the maximum of 10% per annum.


Similar to other credit facilities like personal loans and quick loans. Your credit score will determine the value and amount of credit you obtain with the Discovery credit card. As a responsible financial institution, our services will always comply with the provisions of the National Credit Regulator.

Weather, the client, get the credit services will depend on how bad the client’s credit scores have gone. Usually, the credit cards are issued to applicants with credit scores above 530. Your credit score will work together with your current financial condition, and this is why our applicants need to submit financial documents.

The credit cards are issued to South African residents who have a regular income from employment. The applicants should have their income received through the banking system. Also, in addition to being adults who have attained 18 years.

The Discovery credit cards have specific requirements depending on the type of credit cards that the applicant needs to obtain. When applicants intend to apply for a gold credit card, they should have earnings above R84 000 per year, while those who apply for platinum credit cards need to have an income above R350 000 per year.

During application, the company requires applicants to possess the following documents


  • An identity document
  • A three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address that is not older than three months
  • Three latest payslips from the current employer


Discovery promises to allow you to discover your financial freedom and take your expeditions with no limits. This is why we offer our stakeholders credit cards without going through a lot of procedures.

The Discovery credit card application can be made online or at one of our offices. Applicants will need to submit their personal and financial information before attaching the required documents. Once our credit team has decided and approved your application. A consultant will reach out, and your card will be made available for collection at one of our branches.

This is how you can obtain your valuable credit card within two days.

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