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The Nedbank have you covered on all your banking, credit and other financial needs. As one of the largest banking corporations in the country, we bring the best financial services to the people who support our activities.

About – Nedbank

Every day that you deal with the Nedbank is a memorable one, with our full range of quality services, you will have eternal smiles.

The Nedbank brings you various credit card services as a way of enhancing your purchasing ability at the same time, giving out the much needed financial freedom.

Our credit cards are one of the unique gifts that the residents of South Africa are given just because they deserve to be honoured.


The Nedbank gives South African residents access to millions of Rands with a wide range of credit cards that come in three classes.

The Bank offers credit cards in the form of Platinum credit cards, Gold credit cards and finally the Classic credit card. All these cards are embedded with MasterCard, meaning they will take you anywhere around the world.

The Nedbank credit cards come with a grace period that is similar to other cards in the market. Our clients will be able to use their credit facilities for 55 days without having to pay interest rates. Our credit cards are simply the best way to hedge the risk of financial shortages, which is common in the modern day.


Our credit cards can be ranked as the best in South Africa, and people should not miss out on having one from our various classes of cards. The credit cards give holders a large amount of credit, giving them an enhanced ability to explore and take their goals to another level.

In addition to that, we bring cards that have the highest acceptance in the country. Our cards can be accepted on more than 25 million points in South Africa and around the globe.

Credit cards are also the best way of escaping higher charges of personal loans, short-term loans, quick loans and shopping loans, which have higher interest rates to clients.


The Nedbank is proud to be the provider of the cheapest financial services in South Africa; we provide our services for the good of the community rather than to enrich our wealth.

We focus on attaining sustainable development for the people who live in South Africa. Unlike other companies that charge initiation fees, our credit cards are issued for free.

In addition to that, our service fees are financially immaterial when ranked to the amounts of credit offered. Nedbank service fees vary with a maximum of R45 per month, thus literally bringing financial services for free.

The bank will charge a variable interest rate to the clients who fail to make their credit card repayments within the grace period.


The Nedbank is a champion of responsible financial practice in South Africa. The company works responsibly to satisfy the legal, risk and customer welfare requirements.

At all times, our laws, our stakeholders and the people we serve should not be over-indebted with our credit services.

This is why the Nedbank does not provide credit cards to the people who are blacklisted. Part of our application requirements requires credit card applicants to have a good credit standing. This will not only help Nedbank but the client whose future will be preserved.

The Nedbank will need applicants to be South African residents who are employed where they earn regular salaries that are received through the bank.

Applicants who earn income in the form of the commission will not be covered under the credit card service. The applicants will also need to be adults who have attained 18 years before making applications.

Also, applicants should have a good credit rating and an annual income that is above R60 000.

During the application process, the following documents should be submitted


  • A South Africa national identity document
  • Proof of residential address that is not older than three months
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer
  • A stamped bank statement for the last three months


There are two ways to apply for the credit cards, that is online or by visiting one of our branches that are spread countrywide.

The application is a staged process that will need applicants to submit their personal and financial information before filing their requests. Applicants will then need to submit their documents before familiarising and agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Within a period of three working days, one of our consultants will reach successful applicants with details and directions that will allow them to collect their credit cards.

That’s how the Nedbank help you to mitigate the impact of the credit crisis in South Africa.

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