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Our promise to improve the livelihoods of South African citizens is a major one, and it represents one of the more significant insights of our pledge for quality service to the citizens.

About – Boodle

We have a large pool of stakeholders that work to support the initiatives that Boodle undertake as a financial institution. The organisation has been seen making substantial positive impacts on the living standards of people from all walks of life.

Our personal loans have reached people from the Cape of Good Hope to Limpopo, with all those who engage with us making great recommendations to others. We listen and answer to the calls of the citizens for the provision of quality and reliable personal finance.

Boodle is a micro-finance institution that has provided help to massive numbers of South Africans through unlimited online access to financial services. The organisation pulls vast resources to provide short-term loans, personal loans, loans for clients with bad credit and payday loans.

It is employing the best-qualified men and women in the field of finance. The company has managed to provide its services that live up to the customers’ expectations, making sure that there is no room for inefficiencies.

Boodle prides itself of being one of the companies that offer short term personal finance like payday-loans. A credit finance product that allows citizens to live a stress-free life in between the paydays.

Boodle and its payday loans

With Boodle, a payday loan is an ultimate solution to financial difficulties. Also, the affect salaried individuals between the two pay dates.this is probably because of the time gap that people on a monthly payroll face.

The most significant problem of being on a monthly payroll is that all the expenditure that you make are those which are planned. This means that all the money which will be available will have a predetermined use. A major crisis of finance arises when a situation that was not forecasted or planned. In addition to these situations will need one to fork out funding which they will not be having at the time.

Under these conditions, it is where the payday loans come to play a significant role in the life of a worker.

Boodle is a financial institution that possesses the values of transparency. This is why for all your payday loans, you will be able to access, understand and make suggestions to our services. Boodle makes an effort to allow every stakeholder to have a clear view and understanding of our services from the initial engagement stages up until the last day of your loan repayment. With a fast loan from Boodle, you will be assured of no hidden costs or unjustifiable penalties. This shows how our company strives to clear any obstacles for transparency on our financial services.

Payday loans at Boodle cannot be separated from responsible lending. The company makes sure that all lending and related services are engaged with customers who have the willingness and ability to stay obliged with the covenants. For us hiring into a contractual agreement with a client who is not on their normal senses can only hurt our business perception.

This is why we will ensure that all the clients who obtain payday loans are sane, adults and healthy individuals. In addition to that, Boodle lives up to the responsible lending provisions made by the National Credit Regulator. This is to say from an application, and we make sure that we collect efficient and relevant information that will allow us to have the required assessment.

Boodle Specifications

Boodle offers payday loans on amounts that go up to R3 000, repayable within a maximum period of 26 days of the same month. That means clients can not get a loan on the current month and expect to settle their balance in the following months.

This is because these loans are payday loans, which means all the loan balance will need to be repaid on or before the next end of the month.

The payday loans at Boodle will have varying interest rates depending on the credit rating of the client, and the company charges a maximum rate of 5% per month.

As a provision made by the NCR, Boodle will always need the applicant to provide the relevant documents that authenticate their personal and financial information.

With that, we have put the following documents as the checklist.


  • South African National identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address
  • Pay slip from the current employer

How to apply at Boodle

When one meets the checklist as mentioned above, they will need to file a payday loan application online.

Our payday loan applications are solely made online. Also, that is one needs to submit their correct personal and financial information before submitting the relevant documents that prove the state and authenticate the information provided by the applicant on the application.

Upon finishing that, the applicant will need to sign our terms and conditions before submitting the loan application as a whole. With this, the applicant will be assured of receiving their payday loan within hours.

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