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Have you ever been wondering where you can find a personal loan at an institution that treats you like a family member rather than a client?

About – Capfin

The existence of Capfin Finance is defined by the positive impact purposely served by the company to its customers and the communities it operates in.  The success of the company is not only measured by financial performance but with the number of lives positively impacted by the firm.

Our company offers credit to the people in need in an ethical way, which is easy and straightforward to deal with an average person. Our company seeks to be successful in equipping the people with the financial power that enables them to reach greater heights on their sustainable development of the South African community.

Capfin and Personal Loans

Capfin Finance has two loan products or loan amount ranges of available lending to individuals. Depending on the client’s request and proof of ability and willingness to repay without facing any complications would be a review.

    • 6 Month’s Loans, Capfin Finance provides easy loans that range from R1 000 to R8 000 under a period of six months. That is all the loans falling within that range has to be repaid within that period
    • 12 Month’s Loans are specially designed for clients who are proven to have the ability to pay higher loans without running into financial trouble. The twelve months loans range from above R8 000 to R50 000.
    • 24 Month’s loans, The twenty-four-month loan is of the same value as those falling under the 12 months, except that they take more extended periods. 

Why Capfin Personal Loans

Capfin financial lending is a solution that does solve not only your current financial shortfalls but also investment in a brighter future. Our company has crafted some extra services to secure our clients’ future.

The following are additional services have been included in the package with our personal loans come with

  • Consumer tips, Capfin finance, make sure that every client who applies for a loan is given the full knowledge about the loan. All our clients are encouraged to read through our consumer tips to help themselves avoid overburdening themselves.
  • The death benefit, The Capfin death cover benefit is available to all our customers despite the time they have been working with us. The death benefit is the unique way we scratch the loan balance when the client passes out. This is our ultimate respect for the time and service we have been engaged together with the client. The death benefit plan is  free of charge
  • Funeral cover, All our clients are qualified for the funeral cover at no marginal cost. The funeral cover is valued at R5 000 if the client passes out due to natural causes. If the client passes out due to accidental causes, the funeral cover is also worth R10 000.

Our application process forms part of the evaluation, and so this helps us to save time and focus on providing quality service to our valuable clients, and so we have designed the following requirements for one to apply for a personal loan, see on


  • South African National Identity card or National Identity book
  • Three latest pay slips for the three previous consecutive months
  • Most recent three months bank statements
  • Valid South African phone number
  • Valid South African Bank account
  • The applicant must have reached eighteen years by the time of making the application

Applying with Capfin

Capfin finance has partnered with larger retail outlets like PEP stores and Ackerman’s to increase the service coverage for our products. Our quick easy loans can be applied for at any Pep store and Ackerman’s near your location.

Our loan applications can also be made instantly online by filling the information through our website. Our clients are guaranteed to receive timely and quality service, upon completing the application payout can be done within 48 hours.


Our loans are not rigid or structured in a way that clients are forced to pay in a certain way, and our clients have the choice to pick a method of payment they are comfortable dealing with. It can also shift and settle in any other method as long as the means are available in that way.

Payments are taken via EFT, direct deposit into our bank accounts, or make cash payment at Pep stores.

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