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Sometimes our lives are up’s and downs, but there is that moment when everything might seem to be going against us.

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It is in these circumstances, where we will lack enough financial means to swim. Though the daily needs when we need companies that will stand by us and facilitate a smooth living. With the fluctuating economies and low disposable means of income, we can not dispute the need for a quick loan in our lives.

It is between those seemingly long months when we have to address urgent issues of or make additional supplies, that will take us to paydays. These periods when quick loans can play a vital role and in giving us life with fewer complications.

At Bayport Finance, our understanding is that the successes you make in your lifetime are mainly influenced by your persistence and the financial muscles you have. Without one of these two in your lives, you will not move any further. That is why our company is always providing financial solutions to individuals who want to better their lives.

Our quest to improve the living standards of the South African citizens mainly relies on the quick loans that we bring to the communities.

Bayport finance understands that a community can not progress economically if there are no attempts to aid the residents with cheap, responsible, ethical and fast financial solutions.

Bayport Financial Team and services

Bayport Financial Services is a champion of microfinance in South Africa, and the company has managed to have a nationwide impact, planting branches in all our provinces. Our company provides cheap financial services coupled with ethical bonuses and additional funding for one to meet their day to day operations.

The Bayport team possesses full knowledge and ability to solve the financial requirements of the South African residents. That is why they designed quick loan services in the brand of budget boosters. The budget boosters come in the form of additional quick loan to the clients who have taken an easy loan with Bayport financial services. The budget boosters represent nothing more than a reward to the good citizens.

Our company also believes in financial inclusion as a pivotal role in the microfinance business. That is why the company do outreaches to spread its impact to some communities where there are few economic options.

The Bayport team makes it its mandate to have a large number of South Africans covered with financial services. Our company also conduct educational sessions with communities to improve their financial literacy at the same time, giving them related entrepreneurial ideas. Also, as we try to cultivate a way for the minds that will grow the South African economy.

Budget boosters with bayfort finance

Bayport finance offers quick loans in the form of budget boosters, and these are marginal loans granted to people registered as clients with us for personal loans. The quick loans are a way of facilitating a comfortable life during the client’s repayment a lengthy personal loan from Bayport finance; that is why they with no additional costs.

The quick loan representative at Bayport financial services is called a monthly budget booster. It’s a fantastic way of financing your mid-month expenses or other unplanned expenses.

The quick loans come in sizes that range from R500 to R1 000, and these will be payable over three months or less depending on the remaining time of the principal loan.

If the principal loan is left with a period lower than three months, the quick loan budget booster will also take the remaining period as its repayment.

The quick loan from Bayport comes with no costs either interests or processing fees to the applicants.

The application criteria for Bayport finance quick loans represents the most straightforward requirements that South African citizens can experience in the field of micro-finance.

Due to the reasons that people who are already registered clients access the quick loans, there will be no additional documentation required from the applicant, but there are few conditions which include


  • The applicant of a quick loan (monthly budget booster) should be an existing client who hold the Bayport personal loan
  • The applicant should have managed to pay for their personal loan for three consecutive months
  • The client should have no existing quick loan on their current loan
  • The client should have a loan account where they can log on and make applications

Applying with Bayport Finance 

The quick loans at Bayport financial services can be better labeled as instant loans as they take no time to be approved. The application is just a click and the money is deposited into your account.

When the applicants meet the above conditions, they can make an application through their cell phones with no requirement for internet or airtime. The applicants can make use of the USSD code that our company provides to the clients for making requests.

Once one dials the USSD code they will be directed by prompts and directives on how they can acquire the quick loan and the relevant amount will be deposited into their bank accounts.

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