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A common mistake that people make in nowadays is failing to realize maximum value in their possessions

About – Cash Converters

There is value in every object that hangs around in your house. That is why accountants will never express your possessions in monetary value, but that value could be quickly depreciated despite the item not being used in the household.

The recycling of valuables that people often underestimate brought the idea to one of the largest pre-owned shop and quick loan providers in South Africa. Cash Converters is a respectable company that doubles in the retailing of goodies and microfinance services.

Cash Converters is a well-known pawn shop that trades pre-owned and high valued goods in the urban centres of South Africa. The company’s primary objective is to turn the unused items that South Africans have in their homes into the liquid cash that they need for their daily living.

In addition to these, the company offers access to quick loans to the South African clients where one can obtain a fast loan. Also, this will aid them in mitigating their short-term or immediate financial requirements.

Realising that the people in our communities need money we have blended our customary business with the provision of quick loans.

People come across unexpected incidents where they will be required to fund for those or face the wrong side of these. These situations might be a shortage of food, need for medication, rental payments, fuel or even car breaks. All these situations can potentially make your life uneasy if not catered for in the required time frame.

In modern day life, people are always facing complications, and due to low salaries and low accumulated wealth, the need for quick loans is very high. These needs can only be satisfied by the right service provider, one who will make their services ethical, responsible and cheap to the ordinary citizen.

Cash Converters as a lender

Cash Converters is a legitimate quick loan lender which also work to enhance financial inclusion. Through the provision of quick loans throughout South Africa, the company makes sure that the services reach all areas, including communities that are underprivileged and marginalised.

To our understanding, the provision of financial services to our communities is mutually vital as the provision of education. It is through quick loans that South Africans can be uplifted from experiencing social injustices that are caused by poverty. This is a resultant impact of an improved standard of living and economic development.

Cash Converters effective quick loans

Cash Converters is a company that has the South African community at heart, appreciating the role that everyone plays in nation building. Our company provides a cash market to the people who want to sell their items at the same time providing quick loans to those who need finances.

Our quick loans are provided in line with the South African laws concurrently aligning with the principles of responsible lending. At cash converters, we make sure that all our clients are fit for the individual loan, leaving no room for making the client over-indebted.

Our quick loans will allow one to make the best value out of the money they get as we do not charge excessive interest rates. Neither do we charge additional costs in the name of processing or administration fees? Our quick loans are an excellent opportunity to change your credit scores for the better. Cash Converters also will submit your details for credit rating.

Quick loans with us are obtainable in amounts that range between R400 to R4 000 with interest rates that are below the National credit regulators directives.

These quick loans are smart financial solutions that are repayable within six months from disbursement.

Cash Converters has an extensive branch network across South Africa. We have managed to provide a quick application with minimal requirements at these branches.

It is our right that all the South Africans with a need to obtain a quick loan can do so without complications.

Below are the requirements for one to obtain a quick loan


  • South African identity documents
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address not older than three months
  • Latest pay slip from a current employer, where you have worked for more than three months.

Appliactions with Cash Converters

When our prospective clients meet the requirements mentioned above they will need to make an application at either one of our branches or online through our website.

The applicants will be expected to fill in the application forms and submit them with the relevant documents. Through this way, one will be able to access a quick loan at Cash converters.

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