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Quick loans play a very important part in our lives as they give us the ability to move over some arrogant financial obstacles.

About – Cash Loans

Gone are the days when one would struggle and sell part of their properties to obtain some quick funds to cover passive financial shortages.

With the massive coming and usage of technology, Cash Loans brings you opportunities to finance your quick or passive expenses in a short space with favourable conditions.

Cash Loans is a financial research and loan brokerage firm that operates within the jurisdiction of South Africa. The firm combines the knowledge of its professional and experienced staff with information collected from the field to give you the best of financial advice.

Our services range from financial advice, personal loans, debt advice and consultancy. Through these services, we strive to make South Africans realise the best choices on the available financial options. The company works with a list of legitimate lenders and banking institutions that have a proven history of working with high ethics and providing financially following products.

Cash loans Financial Service?

Quick loans accessed through these institutions are individual loans that require a minimal form of assessment and client evaluation, hence shortening the time between application and disbursement. Quick loans that are offered by our partners to help our clients in meeting their funding requirements in a matter of urgency.

When it comes to sourcing financial aid or funds for anything, the time issue can be a sensitive issue, more than the amount matters. Time is what determines the relevancy of a fast loan or funding. Our company places more interest in the subject that funds should be made available when the need is still there.

That quick loans are the best answer to financial shortages that we come across in our daily lives.

Cash loans also place a lot of importance on the concept of financial inclusion. All communities progress depending on the economic empowerment that financial institutions provide them with.

The provision of financial services to the communities that are disadvantaged and those in places far from major urban centres. Also, help us to make a positive contribution towards the living standards and economic growth of the nation at large.

The provision of quick loans ascertains the community of moving forward, focusing on attaining primary goals that spill a positive impact on the environment they live in.

Cash loans Options

At Cash Loans, we grant you access to some of the best lenders in the country. Our staff have invested particular time and commitment in bringing in the best of personal financial solutions in South Africa through the handpicking of only ethical, legitimate, cheap and easy loans.

With our desire to help the South African community, we have also made sure that no scammers or predatory lenders will attempt to tamper your bank accounts. This is why we are proud to be identified in partnership with such lenders.

With us, one will be able to access quick loans that start from as little as R100 to a whopping R25 000 depending on the credit rating. Thus giving our clients a broader spectrum to meet their immediate financial needs as different people have varying quick finance needs.

These loans will be issued in line with the requirements of the National Credit Regulator’s parameters are assured that all the interest rates on quick loans are below 10% every month. Our clients have the best offers where one can get attractive prices as low as 22% per year, that’s at Cash loans we give you an unbeatable service.

Quick loans accessed through our sites have varying repayment periods; these will depend on the lender’s preferences. The credit rating of the client, amount and interest rates charged by the providers. The more significant the loan size, the lower the interest rate,

The loan repayment term also varies directly with the credit rating. Clients with good credit rating should expect to be given more extended repayment periods. Also, those with poor credit rating might qualify for loans with relatively shorter repayment periods.

On average, our partners will need one pay back their quick loan from a period between one month to twenty-four months.

Due to the laws passed by the national credit regulator and the need to perform a quick evaluation on clients to ensure responsible lending on our daily activities, we have put the following documents as the basic requirements for our quick loans


  •  South African national identity document
  • Three months bank statement
  • Latest pay-slip from the current employer

The application process for our quick loans, cannot be longer than ready, and it can be done from anywhere with the use of the internet.

One need to visit our website and make an application through the portal before waiting for an instant reply from our staff.

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