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It goes uncontested that being successful in the modern world is highly dependent on the wealth or financial muscle that one has.

About – Cobol

Those with shallow means of finance or without the relevant financial aid access will lay their life goals. Also, in the end, it’s a monetary issue that determines how far you pursue these goals.

Money has come to play a vital role in our daily lives that it has become impossible for one to survive without money. The unfortunate part is that more and more people are seriously dragged into poverty, which means more goals are foregone daily. Also, what can we do to curb the impact of such conditions?

With the economy, it is slowly crumbling, and the currency value was depreciating, which have a significant impact on the purchasing power for ordinary people. It simply means more people are left with low disposable income, going them to work hand to mouth.

The lack of savings amongst the majority people makes them vulnerable in situations of accidents or incidental conditions that have a quick need for finance.

Cobol finance as a company that cares for South African citizens. We have designed and rolled out quick loans to mitigate the financial problems that South Africans face daily.

Why quick loans with Cobol?

Cobol exists as a micro-lending institution that focuses on the provision of fast quick loans to the South African residents.

The company has vast experience in the field, which has allowed it to realise the financial needs of ordinary South Africans before devising quick loans as a rescue procedure. Cobol is a fully registered financial institution which operates in line with the South African laws at the same time abiding with the directives of monetary authorities.

Our existence means that we present opportunities for ordinary citizens to improve their living standards. Also, at the same time, making our contribution to the economic growth of our country.

Cobol will provide?

In providing quick loans, at Cobol, we work with ethics that allow us to help the community and at the same time preserving our clients to have a great future.

That is to say, and we combine responsible lending with financial inclusion to come up with the best services that our community deserves. Our clients are the people that we identified with a real need for financial services, those with the needs backed by the ability and willingness to repay the secured loan.

Our quick assessment process will allow the granting of quick loans to the right people. Also, making sure that our company does not operate leaving a trace of over-indebted customers, which might even hurt their credit rating.

Cobol quick loans

At Cobol, our quick loans will make sure that you make smooth progress in life, realising your goals and pursuing dreams without much hustle. The terms and requirements of our quick loans are flexible, allowing our clients to find a match for their needs.

We make sure that when it comes to quick loans, Cobol remains the giant and comes next to none. Our company employs higher use of technology, which allows it to swallow some unnecessary delays from the loan application process, client evaluation and loan disbursement. This gives us a speed advantage and will enable us to get credits within as little as an hour.

Our quick loans come with low costs as we try to make South Africans realise more value from the use of our services. Our team is continuously making sure that the interest rates stay below the national average. They are only taking what will allow the company to continue providing the best services that you deserve.

At Cobol, we also have significantly lower administration costs on top of no hidden fees to our customers. Also, that’s you do not need to worry when it’s time to get a quick loan with us. Quick loans at Cobol are issued from amounts that range between R500 to R8 000, repayable within six months on interest rates that are below 34% per year.


  • Be a South African citizen
  • Earn at least R3000 per month
  • Be banked with a South African bank where you receive your salary through
  • You should have been employed by the same employer for the previous three months
  • South African identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay-slip from the current employer

Hot to acquire a loan for bad credit?

When one meets the conditions and possess the documents highlighted, they can now make an application for our quick loans online through our company website.

The application process needs one to fill in their personal and financial information before submitting the relevant documents.

Once our team gets to work on your application, your loan will be availed to you within two hours when you are successful

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