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Credit Solutions is a financial institution that operates for both corporate and individual clients.

About – Credit Solutions

The company offers smart financial solutions through a wide variety of services that range from debt advisory, financial education, provision of credit scores and personal loans.

Amongst the range of personal loan products, the institution also provides quick loans, and these are mainly intended for the clients who will be in an urgent financial need.

In serving our clients, we have a mandate of ensuring a higher level of responsible lending practices. We understand well the consequences of irresponsible lending, and this is why we will ensure that all our clients go through a legal credit assessment process.

Quick loans with us will only be made available to those people whom our credit analysts are fully satisfied. They have the ability and willingness to live by the easy loan terms and conditions.

Our quick loans come with the following characteristics.

Why quick loans with Credit Solutions?

Quick loans are the most common type of personal loans that are currently opted for by the majority of South Africans. A South African perspective quick loans are short term, smaller in amounts and more comfortable to acquire.

This means quick loans have relatively lower application requirements than other forms of personal loans like vehicle finance and educational finance. It is making them the best product for financial institutions that aim to foster financial inclusion.

Quick loans are named so because of the shorter period they take to disbursed to clients. Due to smaller loan requirements, quick loans will take not more than two days to obtain.

There are many reasons why South Africans opt for quick loans in curbing their financial problems. Amongst these reasons are that quick loans allow a swift reaction to business difficulties.

There is no better loan than one that will give you the ability to attend to your financial obligations in times when they will still be relevant.

Due to the shorter period, it takes for one to acquire quick loans, it makes a quick loan more suitable to situations that arise with an urgent need for finance. Making sure that the applicants will not miss any part of their obligations.

Quick loans also come with a more significant advantage over another form of personal loans in that they give a quick recovery to one’s credit rating.

The short term quick loans trigger this. Which means a client who accesses quick loans will be able to make repayments over a short period. Upon the closure of such a loan account, one’s credit rating would be more attractive.

That quick loans are the best option for clients who want to change their credit rating for good.

Our company is an organisation that fully complies with the national credit regulator; that is why all our interest rates and charges are maintained within the prescribed ranges.

Interest rates on all loans, including quick loans, will fall within the cap of 5% per month as provided by our regulatory authority. Our quick loans will come in amounts that range from R300 to R20 000, with varying interest rates that will be determined by one’s credit rating.

These loans will be payable within a repayment period that also varies but within a range of one month to twenty-four months. Also, with equal monthly instalments when the period is more than one month.

Our loans will not require you to go through a rigorous assessment process, and our institution possesses the database for credit rating; that is why you will need to put minimal information to apply for a loan.

However, in line with the regulations of the national credit regulator, all providers of credit services should ensure some form of responsible lending by requiring and analysing the prospective client’s information.

Hence our institution will require you to produce the following documents


  • National identity document ( a bar coded South African national identity card or book)
  • Three months stamped bank statement from a South African bank
  • Proof of residential address that is not older than three months from the date of issue
  • Latest pay slip from a current employer where one has been employed from more than three months

The application process with Credit Solutions

Once one has met the above mentioned prerequisites, they are good to make a successful application. The applications can be done through one of our branches that are spread nationwide, or though an online application system accessible from our website.

The application will commence by clients filling in their personal and financial information which is expected to tally with details on the documents.

Upon complete filling of their details, clients will then need to upload and submit their documents as part of the application before finishing with submission of the whole application to our credit team.

Our team will get to work on your application within minutes of submission, that means within a period of less than an hour you will be having your results.

When the quick loan application is successful one of our consultants will call you to make final confirmations before the funds are made available to the bank account provided.

This is how faster Credit Solutions make your lives easy.

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