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In the 21st century life revolves around money to an extent that money has become more precious than many things we see around us.

About – Cube Finance

The money will be able to buy us anything that is material or what we need to enhance our lives. However, there are some moments when our pockets happen to be dry. Also, the need for money will still be there because we will be looking to make a living.

On these circumstances, we will need a financial partner who understands our needs. The places emphasis on the timeliness and urgency in the need for money, one who will be reliable to back us up at times like these.

The financial partner who has been proven to be reliable in assuring the livelihoods of South Africans during tough times can only be found through Cube Finance.

Cube finance is a modern loans broker that has a rich working history through its clients and lending partners in providing services that are next to none. The broker works with a large number of legitimate and reliable financial institutions who have known champions of transparency in their operations.

Cube finance provides services for prospective borrowers to access quick loans and other forms of personal loans in a bid to ease up the daily lives of the people.

In providing quick loans, Cube finance combines the ideologies of professional financial advisers and use of the right principles in lending to come up. Also, solutions that are relevant and effective in solving the client’s problems.

Cube Finance and quick Loans

At Cube finance, a quick loan can only be defined as a short term personal loan, that has instant approval, issued in amounts that are relevant and adequate to solving the client’s financial requirements.

Quick loans are the most relevant form of financial solution for your daily requirements as they have the qualities of putting an end to your problems.

When one looks at it, our quick loans will allow you to cover your problems at the right time and in the right amounts, making sure that you can safely escape the consequences of mid-month incidents.

Cube Finance Personal funding

Quick loans are also a natural form of personal funding. When someone applies for a quick loan, they will not have time to fight on anxiety on whether they will obtain a quick loan or not.

The answer to many will be, obviously, “yes”.

As long as one can submit the documents highlighted, there are higher chances that with us, you can obtain your fast loan. Our partners, when it comes to quick loans applied through us, they will not expose you to rigorous credit assessment and internal evaluation.

This is because they understand your decision with us, meaning the fact that you have chosen to obtain a quick loan through us will be an unbeatable privilege.

Cube Finance Quick Loans and repayments

Our quick loans also come with relatively short repayment period. From the fact that most quick loans are in small amounts, our clients find it more convenient to make repayments in shorter periods.

That is, quick loans will give you a credit advantage as you will be able to make an excellent credit score.

This is one of the many reasons our clients become winners from just engaging with our quick loan service.

With Cube finance, our clients will be assured of obtaining quick loans of amounts that range from R500 to R8 000, with interest rates that can go as low as 27% per year.

These loans would be repayable over a period that stretches to six months. Depending on the amount and length the client chooses. Also, one can make payments with monthly instalments or one single payment at the end of the month.

Our partners are keen to facilitate financial inclusion that is abridged by responsible lending when providing you access to quick loans.

This is why they are always fighting to put the requirements low, but in line with the National Credit Act of 2005, your quick loans will only be obtained in the following are available.


  • South African national identity document (bar coded identity book or card)
  • Three months stamped bank statement from a South African Bank
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer where one has worked for more than three months
  • Proof of residential address not older than three months

The application process with Cube Finance ?

When one has met the application mentioned above requirements, they can now apply for their quick loan.

The applications are exclusively made online through the application portal. One will need to fill in their personal and financial information, read our short list of terms and conditions before uploading their documents.

The application can now be submitted to our credit management team. When the application is successful before you know it, one of our partner’s consultants will call you with the directives on how you will obtain your funds.

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