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With over twenty-three years experience of operating in South Africa, Direct Axis has become a major player in the financial sector of this country.

About – Direct Axis

The company has made a meaningful impact on the social, economic and financial development of the South African communities with its services that are made available to vast numbers of clients. Directs axis is actively involved in the financial services industry where it provides services that range from personal loans, insurance, debt management and corporate business solutions.

Above all these, the company is also embarked on a mission to give South Africans a peace of mind. Through the provision of quick loans that are highly affordable.

Quick loans are our short-term commitment to the development of our societies, which makes a component of our national development goals.

Quick loans from Direct Axis come in the form of small loan amounts that also have short approval and repayment period. The credits are issued to the people in need so that they have a smooth passage over their immediate financial requirements.

It is profoundly disturbing to note the rate at which people get affected by the shortage of medications, food, and other related problems.

Direct Axis quick loans products

Our quick loan products come with very low interest rates that beat the market. Going as little as 30% on annualised rates, one can be assured of a valuable financial solution that will allow them to sail through their personal predicaments.

These loans come in sizes that range from R500 to R20 000, which will be paid on flexible monthly installments that cover from one month to a year. With these quick loans, one can be assured of facing no additional charges and hidden costs, thus with us, you are assured of a higher level of transparency.

Our quick loans are highly accessible and offered from various places as witnessed by an extensive branch coverage over South Africa.

In a bid to facilitate financial inclusion through the provision of quick loans, we have partnered with multitudes of other smaller micro-financial services providers. These agents help us in promoting the application and disbursement of these fast loans.

Quick loans can now be accessed from anywhere within South Africa as we have blended the old method of paper-based application with an online application. One can start their application and obtain a quick loan without a need to visit any of our branches.

Why quick loans with Direct Axis?

With Direct Axis at your service, there is no need to worry anymore. Our company has made it possible for the ordinary South African citizens to obtain the appropriate means of finance that will allow them to pass through these complications.

Direct Axis care about the people, and this is why we developed quick loans that will impact both your financial status and credit rating. We saw it fit to empower the citizens with an economical means. That is relevant, quick and cheap, and this is part of our ultimate commitment to improving the lives of South Africans.

At Direct Axis, we make our services reach out to the masses in their best form. Quality flows in our activities, that is why all the quick loans issued with us are a competent, ethical and responsible way of finance that one can expect to get.

Our friendly staff will walk with you from the application process up until the last day of your repayment. We are giving you all the relevant updates and financial advice that you may need.

A quick loan with us is more than just a loan, but a gateway to financial freedom.

In line with the regulations made by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), all lending institutions are obliged to conduct a client assessment and evaluation that will ensure that they align themselves to responsible lending.

The direct Axis requires nothing more than the legal obligations passed by our regulatory authority when facilitating an application.

The following are the documents and conditions that one should satisfy before applying


  • South African citizen
  • Free from any debt administration and credit reviews
  • Aged between the age of 18 to 64 years
  • Have a regular income received through a South African bank account registered in your name
  • South African identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address
  • Latest pay-slip from the current employer

Applying with Direct Axis?

Our quick loans have three alternatives of making an application, all of these three methods will still reach us go through the same assessment.

The application alternatives include the following

Our Branch

If you have one of our branches near you, you can walk in and request to make an application. Our friendly staff will be more than willing to hand you relevant forms and aid you through the whole application process.


Our quick loans can also be accessed from the use of agents websites and premises, these will aid with application and pre-assessment procedures on your way to access our loan.


Our website provides an easy way of making a quick loan application, one can visit our website and fill in their details on the portal and complete our loan application there.

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