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In this day and age of our lives, we often come across a large number of financial institutions, some of which we can not merely verify their authenticity and the kind of services they provide.

About – Direct Cash Loans

The number of lenders has increased to the extent that wherever you are in South Africa. Also, you come across advertisements where they all claim to be the real ones. Surely for a client who is in urgent need for financial assistance, this can be a tough task.

They say life is like a wheel that spins, some days you may be up and some down, well sometimes tough times can be over you. In times like these, we all go around seeking help from those that we trust, although we are not guaranteed that they will help.

It is in stressful times that friends turn their backs against us, with some acting as if they were never a part of us. The reality is that everyone needs the right financial partner, one that will be with you in times of hardship and good times.

A right financial partner that gives you access to ethical, cheap and reliable financial services, allowing you overrun your business problems.

Why get a quick loan from Direct Cash Loans?

Direct Cash (D.C) Loans is an institution that has been proven by many to be a real financial partner as far as your personal funding is considered.

DC loans will provide you with access to a variety of personal finance ranging from quick loans, short term loans and cheap payday loans, and reliably issued from legitimate lenders. Our company made some great moves in partnering with three major banks. A pool of other financial institutions that provide quick loans making sure that our people do not fall prey to predators in the micro-lending sector.

Our partners will ensure that you emerge a winner after engaging with us for a quick loan. Our fast loans are issued with high consideration of responsible lending, ethical practices, reasonable and flexible terms and conditions. Over the years, there has been an upsurge of people who got over-indebted with the massive uptake of personal loans (quick loans included).

This was mainly a result of the sprouting lenders who had little or no knowledge of responsible lending. Which means their lending practices made the community worse on both their financial conditions and also credit rating.

Our company wants you to experience the best of lending practices making sure that you experience nothing irresponsible lending nature on your next quick loan funds.

What Direct Cash Loans offers with quick loans?

With an understanding that various clients have varying needs, our partners seek to accommodate everyone by broadening their scope on repayment of quick loans. Quick loans offered through Direct Cash loans will provide you with a variable repayment plan. That means there are many ready loan providers that almost all your needs will be catered for without any complication.

Your quick loan specifications will depend on your abilities and needs; that is why Direct Cash loans are willing to take you to the right providers.

Quick loans provided through Direct Cash loans range between amounts of R100 to R8 000. These loans will be issued with an average repayment period of 6 months from the date of disbursement. That is our quick loan clients will be given more time to put their funding into use, realising the value within the products we offer.

Quick loans, with us, they come with shallow charges when one considered interest rates, application and administration fees. We assure you of the lowest prevailing feels in the area of quick loans.

Our partners will issue your quick loans with a maximum interest rate of 33.2% in annualised terms.

How it works wit Direct Cash Loans?

Direct Cash loans is a loan broker with a rich and broader list of partners who provide quick loans. An application to DC loans will grant you access to these providers at no cost. One will be required to make an application through our website.

The application will require the personal and financial information of the applicant. Once one has completed filling in their knowledge, the last stages will be to submit their documents before reading, understanding and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

We will present the quick loan application to the list of fast loan providers who will reach the applicant with an offer for the loan. The applicant will receive their funding through a quick loan when they have made relevant agreements made through the smart loan consultant who will be assigned to you.

Below are the documents required when one wants to make an application


  • South African identity document (a bar coded national identity card or book)
  • Three months stamped bank statement from a South African bank
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer
  • Proof of residential address that is not older than three months.

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