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Life is like a journey that needs supplies in order to get along successfully, today we need food, education, shelter, clothing and other luxuries.

About – Go Personal Loans

All these make a significant contribution to the success of our lives and the continuous need for these supplies. Some may say “Money is not all we need in life”, others say “Money means nothing”. all these are sentiments are based on one’s understanding of money.

In the world of finance, the word funding is used to describe the usefulness of money. With this, everyone can appreciate that without funding our lives could have ended long back or been miserable, beyond our imagination. In modern life, we can not dispute the role played by money in the lives of all individuals.

Funding becomes more useful when it is made available at the right time. In the right amounts and for the proper purposes and for that reason, funding in the form of quick loans that stands out tall. In answering the financial needs of ordinary citizens.

Without factoring in the time factor into the provision of money, the money will lose the element of funding. Instead, it will be equivalent to just any useless paper. The best way to obtain personal financing for your immediate financial needs to make use of a quick loan from Go Personal (G.P)loans.

Why get a quick loan with Go Personal?

Go Personal loan is a financial institution that focuses on funding the personal needs of South Africans. Through various products that range from short-term loans, educational finance, debt finance and quick loans. The company has managed to set the right pace in the field of micro-finance.

This proudly South African company operates with goals of being the leader of financial inclusion in the country. With friendly professionals than man the desks of our organisation, we leave no stone unturned in innovating practical ways of giving financial freedom to the residents.

Go Personal loans issue quick loans with a high level of transparency, through ensuring a higher level of integrity amongst the staff members. We have a history of achieving no complaints from our customers and stakeholders.

The main reason behind is that our operations are clear, concise and understandable to everyone who has an interest in dealing with us. Our good perception within the community says everything about how our quick loans are delivered to the people.

Go Personal loans makes sure that you realise the best value by just engaging with it.

Go Personal offers quick loans

Quick loans at Go Personal cannot be named as alternatives to anything. They are simply the only choice that gives one a massive potential of realising maximum value from a fast loan.

Our quick loans have three significant advantages over those issued by other institutions. With us, one is released with a loan that has very low-interest rates, favourable terms and conditions combined with low application requirements.

These go in line with our mandate of emancipating the lives of South Africans through the provision of services that enhance financial inclusion.

This narrates that our story is not only about making profits by engaging with clients that can repay. But also making sure that those who are underprivileged are encompassed into the financial system.

At Go Personal Loans, one will get access to quick loans that have interest rates which are far below the national averages. The standards which fully comply with the requirements of the National Credit Act (NCA) act of 2005 coupled with ethically motivated services. Our quick loans come with maximum interest rates of 27.75% on easy loans that can amount to R150 000 depending on one’s credit rating.

Our quick loans come with flexible repayment periods, depending on the size of the loan. The time that the applicant intends to repay, the repayment periods will be between one month to two years. Thus Go Personal Loans gives you the time you need to put your money into use before realising the value in it.

How to apply with Go Personal loans?

For one to make an application for quick loans at Go Personal loans, they basically have to fulfill the application criteria that specifies all the conditions and documents needed.  

The application for these quick loans is done online through an application portal accessed from our website. One will be required to fill in their personal and financial information before proceeding to submit the same application with the documents required.

The following are the documents required for one to make a successful application


  • South African identity document ( a bar coded national identity card or book)
  • Three months stamped bank statement from a South African bank account in the applicant’s name
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer where one has been employed for a period more than three months
  • Proof of residential address that is not older than three months from the date of issue

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